Clinique's moisture now kit

So on my previous entry I stated that my skin was kind of on the dry side lately and was searching for a good moisturizer. I went by Winners (yes! Winners!) to search around and I found Clinique's moisture now kit on sale at 26,99$CAN. It includes:
  • Moisture surge extended thirst relief 50ml (1,7oz)
  • Moisture surge face spray
  • Superbalm moisturizing gloss
I've read reviews about the moisture surge extended thirst relief and there were quit good feedbacks about it so I decided to go for it. Normally the moisture surge extended thirst relief itself retails at 42$CAN (37$US), wonder why I had to get it? Stay tuned for the review!

I started to use the moisturizing cream (more like a gel/cream) last night after my shower and I must say that I'm pretty happy about it. It did really quench my thirsty skin right away, it absorbs quickly and it's not greasy at all. It leaved my skin smooth and mat! However, I felt like I had a thin film of plastic on my face for about a few minutes after I applied it but this feeling disappeared after a while. I added an extra layer of cream a few hours later, just before going to bed to see if I was going to wake up with a ton of sebum on my face (that's what happens usually with other moisturizers). I was surprised that only my nose area was a little bit shiny and nothing else.

  1. Deep moisturizer without greasy feeling
  2. Lightweight & absorbs quickly
  3. for all skin type
  4. no perfume
  1. Expensive (42$CAN for 50ml)
  2. For those of you who likes more those creamy cream products, well this one is more a liquid type + gel.
  3. Doesn't come with a pump, so you have to make sure to have clean fingers!


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