Dear Blogger world, I will away for a while!

Hello loves,

As all of you can see, it's been a long time since I haven't posted anything. I apologize for that. Since school started, I've been super busy juggling classes, training courses at the hospital, projects, work & family + friends and.. Yoga/Pilates classes. My training courses at the hospital takes the most of my time (thursday & friday from 2:30pm to midnight) it's crazy. Those of you in nursing knows what I'm talking about!

Yes! I'm taking yoga/pilates classes! At first I signed up for this class for a class project but I ended up really liking it! Not only it works on your flexibility but it also relieve your stress out. After the class, my body feels so light and well stretched. It feels good! They teach you some relaxation and breathing techniques, it's amazing. For those of you who are in search of a sport to practice and that, like me,  can't stand running more than 5mins, I would recommend it.

Anyways, just passing by to let you guys know I'm still alive lol and making a lil' update on what's going on. I probably come back in October, when everything will be slowing down, or a bit before. I still read blogs tho! :D

Good luck everyone.

Ps. I ordered my first Victoria Secret bras and I'm so excited! Check out Jen's post (FrmHeadToToe) on the importance of having a good fitting bra! :D (we don't have VS store in Quebec. :( )


  1. Thanks for your updates! Good luck in everything :)

  2. Oh, I will miss you a lot! But I understand because school has been really hectic for me too. Good luck and don't get too stressed out!^0^ Love U~

  3. Found your blog through twitter, hahah! :D

    Bonne chance pour tes stages! <3 Ya du yoga a ma job lol! Mon patron m'offre le cours gratuit, mais ca me tente jamais..

  4. Good luck! I don't know a thing about Nursing except for the hectic schedule. You can do it! :) Keep us updated whenever :) I really enjoy your blog :D

  5. I feel you! Since school has kicked in I'm like blahh haha. Wow your schedule is filled up to the max, but it's good because you're being productive ^^

    Toronto only recently have gotten hit by the 'angels' so I have yet to hit up one of the VS stores and see what they have in store!


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