Finished products of March 2011 + collective haul!

Hello there!
I'm late again for my monthly empties post! The months are passing by so quickly, especially the ends of the months >_< But here;s the good news though, school is going to be over in a month! :D (+ week of exam.. I *only* have 5 so it's not that bad =P.. I hope LOL)

St. Ives green tea scrub

I loved using it, it smelled wonderful but it would leave my skin tight as I continue using it. Lulu was so kind she sent it to me as a birthday present <3 It was not available in Canada at that time but I saw it in a Jean Coutu in downtown (if anyone is interested) It calmed the redness around my nose and left my skin smooth. I won't repurchase thought because it leaves my skin too tight.

Dolly Wink Liquid liner in deep black
I love this liquid liner! I use it everyday on my upper lash line in and I tightline with Stila's liquid liner. I can't live without both xD Luckily I bought a back-up when I ordered it. However, the owner of the website closed down her online shop for a while (she is based in Japan). The eyeliner offers a super precise line! Love! Definitely would repurchase!

Clean care contact lenses cleaning solution

What can I say more about this? LOL. I already finished up a bottle in a older "empties" post xD I think that it's the best thing around for contact lenses ;)

Kiehls Ultimate Strength hand cream

First, I didn't finished this... My boyfriend did :) I did use it a few times. My bf has the worst skin condition ever, especially on his hands. He has eczema, super sensitive & super dry skin, to the point that his skin cracks when he would fold a little bit his fingers and bleed. I bought him so many hand creams to try, from drugstore to high-ends to medicinal. Nothing ever worked. We were so desperate lol and when I was at Kiehls, I saw this and decided to give it a try. The product's name attracted me lol "ultimate strength".. I was like "ha! really? let's see.." Omg a few days later, I couldn't believe it but his hands were SOFT! No flaky skin, no cracks, no itchiness.. I bought him the biggest size available afterwards LOL. I'll make a more in depth review about this :)

Kiss Me Heroine long & curl mascara

One of my favorite mascara! I used this everyday too xD It holds my curls & separate my lashes wonderfully. No clumps, no racoon eyes. It was a little hard to remove at night and a few lashes came out too so I don't think I'll be rebuying this.. Plus they jacked up the price here (at the place where I buy them, in Chinatown) and I have found a better alternative that doesn't cost me my lashes lol! =P

Now for the collective haul...

After a month of no buying.. This is what happened.. But I'm still happy with these purchase because they weren't really compulsive buys :) For once.. I needed these stuff =P

Dermalogica Clean Start line "Bedtime for breakouts" salicylic acid treatment + Boscia Oil-Free hydrator SPF 15 sample from Sephora.  I was having come uncontrolable breakouts so I was searching for a night treatment that would help. Also, I was searching for a day mositurizer that has SPF in it so I asked a sample :)

Kiehls Panthenol Protein moisturizing face cream & Ultimate Strength hand cream + loads of Kiehls samples! My face was utterly dry and the night moisturizer I had didn't help so I reached for this one. It helped a lot because I would wake up with baby soft skin :) Review coming soon! I also bought the big size hand cream for my bf :)

Caudalie cleansing water & Nars blush in Sex Appeal. I started to develop eczema again on my face due to excessive dryness so I didn't want to wash my face twice a day because it was too irritating so I bought the Caudalie cleansing water to use in the AM. I would just swipe my face with a cotton sheet+ the cleasing water on it and tadam! All the dirt & oil that accumulated during that night was gone. No need to rinse. As fore the blush.. well it's my first powder blush LOL. The first one is a cream blush so I only have 2 blushes in my collection now =) I didn't want to splurge on blushes and I wanted to wait for a color that I abolutely love so I guess Nars Sex appeal is the one <3 haha

 Glysomed Foot balm, Vichy Aqualia Thermal eye roll-on & Essie good to go drying top coat. I like to pamper my feet after a long day at work standing :) My eyes were pretty much neglected so I needed something for them! I'm not very adventurous for eye treatement so I went for something simple. And everyone needs a fast drying topcoat in their drawers! =P

I hope you guys enjoyed!
See you soon,

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