May 2011 Luxe Box from Loose Button review!

Hello world!
This post is way over due, I know I know! I won't be spoiling anything but at least I will be able to do a little more in-depth review fro the products I received. So here we go!

Luxe Box from Loose Button is the canadian equivalent of Birchbox, where you pay to get 3 - 5 deluxe samples for around 10$/month. At the time that I signed up, you had to get an invite to be able to purchase a box, but since May 21st, it's open to all Canadians! The price also increased to 12$/month with the option to suscribe for 3 months or a year.

I suscribed to the 3 month package. I totally love deluxe sample because I'm able to test it for a period of time and see if it's suitable for me before purchasing the full size. It shipped out on May 9th and I got it the very next day! I thought I would receive it like maybe 2 or 3 days later since it's from Toronto. Rapido presto mucho! I like! :)

The customer service was very helpful too. When I signed up, I gave out my address  and I realized after that I spent more time at my bf house so why not get it shipped there? At that time, I couldn't "log in" anywhere so I sent them a email to get the address changed. The person with who I wrote to was super nice! (thank you W.L!)
Since I got it shipped to the bf's house, it was his name that was written on the letter inside the box and I found it funny for some reasons =P

Let's take a look!

 I love their simple design and their logo! SO elegant :)

I'm sure that by now, you guys all know what the May Luxe Box contains!  =P

So here's my mini review of these products:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant : Even though it states to be a "daily" exfoliator, I find it a bit drying for me to use it everyday. My skin is normal to dry right now (drastic change in my skin!) and the first time I used it, I could feel my face a bit tight but it left my skin so smootthh and glowing! My products definitely penetrated better afterwards! 

China Glaze full size nail polish in Goin' my way : This is my first China Glaze polish! I don't have a similar color in my polish collection so I was happy with what I got :) It's a very nice coppery brown. Perfect for summer toes!

Consonant Body Organic Olive Oil Body Soap : I'm in love with the mini loofah it comes with :) It makes the soap lather! The soap itself is great, it doesn't irritate my eczema prone skin. You'll feel squeaky clean after your shower, perfect for a sweaty day but it might be a bit drying for rough winters. It didn't clogged my pores! 

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Day Serum : Since I'm in my early 20's, I don't really look into anti-aging serum yet. But I thought I'd still give it a try since my forehead is a bit wrinkly (due to overdrying my skin there when I had acne!) This serum penetrates into the skin in a split second! It's not sticky and provides a decent amount of hydration without clogging my pores :) Since my skin is pretty young, I didn't notice much difference.

Overall, for 10$ a box, I'm pretty happy with what I have. I'm so excited to receive my June luxe box now! I hope there will be some high-end makeup stuff XD

I hope you guys enjoyed and sorry again for the delay >.<"

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