My daily skincare routine!

Hi guys!


I've been promising you guys to write on this since like forever and I finally decided to show you guys my skincare routine. Instead of writing it, I decided to TALK about it! =D You'll probably notice that I'm a little bit camera shy but I still hope you guys will like it! It felt really weird to talk to a camera alone in my room...

Products mentioned in the video:
- Biore Mild Facial Foam (bought at T&T Market in Toronto)
- Clarins Alcohol-free toning lotion
- Chanel Hydramax + active gel cream
- Clarins UV plus SPF 40
- Chanel UV essentiel SPF 50
- Clean & Clear Eye soothing makeup remover
- MAC Cleasing oil
- Chanel Hydramax + active moisture boost serum
- BeneFit's It's Potent! Eye cream

If you guys wish to see a more detailed review about a product in particular or anything else, don't hesitate to request it! And pleaseee comment and rate! =)

I'm so excited!! haha :D :D :D

Ok now I have to return to my books.


  1. I think this is a really great post! I've been wanting a good SPF cream and I think I'll try the Chanel one!! :) 

  2. OMG i just got a sample of chanels hydramax gel cream and its the most amazing thing i have ever put on my face.. totally sad that its so pricey :( lol

  3. You have such a sweet and calming voice ^^ I'm super camera shy too, so I can relate with you about the video thing >.<

    Thanks for sharing this post! The Chanel skincare products sound really good, but they're a bit pricey so I'm hesitant on trying them. You have really nice skin though - your regimen seems to be working very well for you :)

  4. It's funny to say but it's actually you that enabled me to try this product after I read your first impression of it when you used the sample =P. I went over the Chanel counter and asked the lady if I could have a sample because I have sensitive skin and wanted to try it out first before splurging. She didn't have any at that moment and told me that if ever the product doesn't work, I could go back to her and ask for a exchange. My wallet hated me but now my skin is loving it! It is pricey, but so worth it when your skin is so difficult to please (and you're the pickiest person hahhaa). I think this is a good investment because now I'm sticking to it instead of buying again and again new moisturizers that doesn't suit me :)

  5. haha thank you :D It's so hard to break the ice, but once it's done, it should be better xD I hope! Yup the Chanel skincare are pricey, but you can always ask for a sample to try out! If you like the texture of the product and that you have no irritation, it's a good start :)  Afterwards, depending on your impressions & needs you can decide to splurge or not x) I don't stack a lot of skincare product on my face (like anti-aging/brightening serum and all that stuff) and I think that a good moisturizer should be the main thing that you can consider splurging on (does that make sense?haha) if you don't use a lot of other product. Like for the Chanel serum, I don't think that I would buy it when I'll run out of it because I do think that a hydrating toner would do the same job. I would only consider it if I see that there's a major change that happens to my skin whenever I stop using it :)

  6. Great vid!  You're so cute and I love your accent.  ;)  I've been wanting to try Clarins UV plus SPF 40.

  7. hahhaha thanks ;D

  8. Yes I know exactly what you mean! I agree that I would rather splurge on a pricey moisturizer than things like cleansers and toners.
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  9.  hahaha I bought this toner after reading your review on it! XD

  10. ton anglais est bon! le mien est rendu nul xD les produits de chanel m'interessent, mais $$$ X__X

  11. haha merci! J'avoue, ils sont tres dispendieux alors il faut que je coupe dans autre choses :(


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