Birthday/holiday 2011 OOTD and EOTD

Yup, it's my birthday. Can you guess my age? haha :)

I noticed that as I grow older, I've became less excited about my birthday. The only thing I would get excited for is the birthday dinner, doing my makeup, hair and get dressed up.. LOL! And of course eat a good meal with those special people <3 Am I the only one to dread being a year older each time? XD

Anyways, as I mentioned, I love getting dressed up and made up so I taught it would be exciting to share the look that I sported on my (early) birthday dinner (it was friday... TGIF you know ;D).

Here`s the Outfit Of The Day (more night in that case hehe)
 *Please excuse my lack of modeling abilities (2nd pic is such a awkward pose o_O), the dirty mirror and the black thing hanging in the back is my winter puff coat mmkay? =P) AND YES I'M VERY PETITE. hehe
Forever21: pink lace dress in small, black tights and necklace
Boyfriend blazer from Dynamite in XS
Watch from Fossile

Next is my Eye Of The Day..
I went for a light smokey eyes so it wouldn't be too dramatic. The colors are a bit washed out :(
What I used:
Nars pro-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base
Maybelline expert wear eyeshadow quad in Natural Smokes
Dolly Wink liquid liner
Stila waterproof liquid liner
Shu Uemra lash curler
D.j.v beautenizer Fiberwig XL

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Happy holidays <3


  1. yayy happy birthday again!! love your dress :) hope you are having a blast! <3

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! =) I get really happy about the food and getting ready part too :) I hope you had a good one. I am in love w/your dress and blazer combo. Your eye makeup looks flawless!!

  3. Happy birthday!! Yay to December babies!! You look gorgeous there ;D

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Love the outfit!! Very pretty! And I'm glad you found the Revlon Lip Butters!! ^^

  5. Thank you <33 Yes I finally decided myself to get those! XD

  6. Thank you!! <3 I wished the the camera didn't wash out the color that much :(

  7. Thank you againn! :D Yup I had a really good time x)

  8. happy birthday!! <3 love your makeup its gorgeous but simple :)

  9.  Thank you! Glad you like it! :D <3


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