Summer's empties!

Hi world!

Oh my... Where have I been!? It's been so long since I posted something! Today I would like to share with you guys my summer empties, which means for the month of June, July & august xD

1. Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Jelly: I didn't finish the whole jar, it expired way before I could empty half of it. I would apply this after my whole skincare routine at night so it seals everything. It didn't do much difference, but I did notice that my skin was a bit brighter. Would I repurchase? No. If you want a leave on night mask, I would recommend Laneige sleeping pack.

2. Heroine Make smooth liquid liner: Omg I love this eyeliner. I didn't like it at first, but when I ran out of my ex-HG Dolly Wink liquid liner, I had no choice but use this one. I didn't like it too much at first because it didn't seem as pigmented had the Dolly Wink. But after a few use, the pigmentation was definitely here and I like the tip more than any liquid liner I've ever used. The tip is super fine and super precise! Plus it doesn't become flimsy over time the Dolly Wink does become flimsy, thus thicker line and less precision). It's super long wearing, doesn't smudge & it doesn't fade. I'm currently using my 2nd one and probably will buy more back-up ;)

3. Philosophy purity cleanser: This is the second bottle that I went through! I love this cleanser and it's currently my HG. I made a brief review on it in my skincare routine video on my Youtube channel :)

4. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion: I won this in a giveaway a long time ago LOL. Despite the rave reviews going on, I didn't like it. It was way too light and even though it soothed my skin, I didn't felt a deep hydration going on. It was very superficial and would go away within a few hours. 

5. Aveeno Baby Soothing relief moisture cream: I love Aveeno. Especially the baby line ^_^. Its a thick cream, but spreads & absorbs super well. It doesn't leave a greasy or shiny residue, and makes you skin so soft! 

6. Caudalie Premier Cru the eye cream (sample): This cream was thick but gets absorb very quickly. It did plump my skin underneath my eyes and made the fine lines less apparent, but the price tag was a major turn off for me! 

7. Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration gel: This was my summer favorite moisturizer. It's super light, but offers hydration. You might be turned off by its black colour, but no worries! It goes on clear :) It doesn't make your skin shiny, since it had charcoal in it and it absorbs the excess of sebum. There's a light cooling sensation, but goes away after a few minutes. I already purchased another jar of it and used about 1/4 of it. I stopped using this a few days ago because the weather is getting colder. So I'll store it in my drawer for next summer ^_^. Since the packaging is air-tight, there's so problem storing it and it's good 18 month after opening :D

8. Clarins UV HP plus SPF 40: Even though this sunscreen is oil-free, I find it to be more or less emollient =/. This is a mineral sunscreen, so I had no reaction to it (I'm intolerant to chemical sunscreen, it triggers eczema on my face). It left a dewy look on my skin, would turn shiny on my skin on very hot days and would absorb completely when its cold outside... LOL. But overall, I enjoyed using this and I'm considering purchasing another bottle.

9. Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence: I finally caved in and decided to add a serum to my very basic skincare routine. It totally changed my skin. Like totally! It gets absorb in a light speed and leaves no trace. I offers deep hydration and replenishes your skin. I noticed my T-zone getting less oily and balanced my skin. I'm currently using my second bottle :D I'm planning to review this product more in details soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed and no worries, I'm gradually coming back. 
I'm currently rushing to finish my semester of Cegep and I'll be starting university right after!
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  1. wow you have a lot of empties from the summer! awesome!

  2. I've always wanted to try the SkinMD's but never really got a chance but I guess I was just glad that I didn't purchase one. Great reviews on this! I love this type of reviews, short but precise! ^_~

  3. so many empties! congrats!

  4. Wow you did great emptying so many products! I love the feeling of emptying a product mainly because I go on to try a new product! It's nice to find another Canadian beauty blogger ^^

  5. I just tried Aveeno recently and love it too.

  6. Philosophy's Purity is definitely my favourite nighttime cleanser! It takes everything off and is SO gentle!

  7. You've just reminded me how much I love Philosophy Purity, I've not used it in years though! Must buy it again xx

  8. whoaa you finished a lot of things! great job :)


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