Dior Serum de Rouge #455, #240 and #640 reviews

"Dior creates the first Sérum de Rouge, elixir of youth with exquisite radiance. A sublime alliance of skincare and color benefits, the serum texture literally melts onto the lips for absolute comfort and wonderful sensation upon application. The formula, with 10 times more concentrated skincare ingredients than classical lipsticks, provides moisture, volume and smoothing benefits for your lips, immediately upon application, and day after day. The palette of elegant shades instantly illuminates the lips with youthfulness. A chic high-precision pen design for impeccable treatment and color results. Directions for use: Turn pen with a single click to obtain the perfect amount for ideal makeup results." (Source: TheBay.com)

 I bought my first Serum de Rouge when Dior launched its Spring 2011 collection. I absolutely loved the color and after reading a review of it on Temptalia, I sucked it in and splurged. Skincare for my lips? Count me in! Lipsticks tend to dry out my lips, especially in winter. Even though if I slather lip balm before, it makes my lips flaky.

The packaging is so luxurious and there's a weight to it despite it's thin figure. Plus, it has Dior's signature embossing all over. You have to twist the bottom so it pushes the product out, but be careful to only twist the amount that you need because you can't twist it back in. It only goes one way hehe. 

The lipstick itself is very light and super moisturizing. Like really super. The opacity of the color depends on the shade that you pick. I would say that most of them goes on sheer, but it can be layered. It almost lives up to it claims when it says that it literally melts onto the lips. I mean, it's really light and feels very comfortable on the lips, but it still stays put and doesn't melt (and run all over like ice cream LOL). The staying power is rather short on me since I drink and eat a lot, but I think it's because it acts like a serum too. I don't think my lips absorbs the "serum", but even after the product is gone, it leaves my lips so smooth and hydrated. No dry or chapped lips. No flakes at sight. How smooth? Exactly like when you wake up in the morning after you have slathered lip balm before going to bed at night. They glide very smoothly onto the lips and leaves them with a sheen, like lipgloss. Even if the texture is light, it's slightly tacky after application. It doesn't settle in fine lines, it actually diffuse them and makes your lips appear smooth. However, it does accentuates dry flakes so make sure to gently exfoliate before. The thing I noticed about this is that if you apply it on your dry flakes, it will accentuate them but after a while, you can easily rub them out! The product softens the skin on your lips so exfoliating is much more easier. You just reapply after and tada! Smooth lips!

 #455, #240 and #640 no flash
 #455, #240 and #640 wih flash

I picked out #240 Pink Coral, #455 Tea Rose Crystal and #640 Soft pink. Pink Coral is very similar to Tea Rose Crystal. The difference is that Pink Coral leans more coral/light pink/orange, as Tea Rose Crystal is more medium pink/coral. Both have a jelly like shine, there's no shimmer in it. Soft pink is a more beige pink and has micro shimmer in it. It doesn't leave a jelly sheen like the first 2.  

#455 Tea Rose Crystal

 #240 Pink Coral

#640 Soft Pink

Overall my favorite shade out of the 3 is #240 Pink Coral. I find that it brightens up my complexion and it's the right balance between coral and light pink. It's also the first one that I purchased :). These doesn't come cheap, but its benefits for my lips kind of justify the price. Since I bought my first one 2 years ago, the price already went up by 2$. I think it's definitely worth it to have one in your stash, especially in winter or if you constantly have dry lips and that lipsticks dries your lips out. 

Yves Saint-Laurent recently came out with their new Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick and I find the texture pretty similar. The moisturizing factor isn't as good and Rouge Serum, but I find it comparable. The price point is about the same. The difference is that YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks are much more pigmented than Dior's Serum de Rouge and the choice of color are a lot more interesting. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed!
Please share your favorite moisturizing (or not) lipstick!


  1. The tea rose crystal and the soft pink are so pretty on you.

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook

  2. I love how natural they look.  Super pretty on you *^_^*

  3. Wow, all of these are so gorgeous! :) I like the packaging a lot because they're perfectly aligned for lips!

  4. Dior lip products are definitely on my list to try! I think the first two look great on you :D

  5. it looks good.... just the cup of my tea... hehe =]

  6. Let me know how it works out for you if you try them out ;D

  7. Thank you! :D Dior lip products have such a beautiful packaging! Can't wait for you to pick up your first Dior lippie :D

  8. Agree! Since it's so slim too it fits everywhere :D

  9. Thanks! Love your blog by the way :) Gluck for university!!

  10.  Aww thank you. :)

  11. I have been really into lip products lately... this post isn't helping my wallet!! Thanks for the review! I love Dior!

  12. There's so many new lip product that came out recently it's crazy!


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