La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Mask review

What it claims "An immediate recharge of thermal hydration: +65%* hydration in 1 hour. An intensely soothing long lasting effect: +64%* intense soothing after 4 days, +72%* intense soothing after 8 days. A melting texture: rich in lipids and waxy agents, the texture's melting point is the same as the skin's temperature, as soon as it touches the skin, the texture heats up and melts simultaneously. The texture melts on the skin.
*based on studies conducted by La Roche Posay. You can read about it on their website" (Source: La Roche Posay press kit)

On May 1st 2013, La Roche Posay launched their new Hydraphase Intense Mask. If my memory is good (correct me if I'm wrong), this is probably their first face mask from their line to hit the Canadian market. How exciting!!

It comes in a 50ml plastic tube that is very convenient and compact. Contrarily to other mask that has a similar packaging, the cap doesn't get messy with the products (a.k.a waste of product) because of it's texture. It's also very easy to control the amount you squeeze out. The product itself is a light blue colored gel-cream that smells very refreshing. Even though perfume is listed as the last ingredient, it didn't irritate my currently very sensitive skin.

My skin is currently very sensitive. My cheeks have never been that dry and sensitive before. I developed a small red patch on the top or my left cheekbone and all my right cheek is very very dry and scaly. It feels very tight after I clean my face and even micellar water isn't right. Red itchy bumps would appear too before I put on my moisturizer and any over perfumed products or moisturizers that is not targeted towards sensitive skin would make my skin react.

Since on the box it says "soothing rehydrating mask", I thought I would give it a try. I was afraid at first because my current sensitive previously reacted to another similar mask that claimed to be soothing and calming. I am glad I took that chance because I'v been using it almost every night since I got it! The texture is not your typical heavy cream mask. It's a gel-cream that is consistent, but it spreads very nicely. The claim that "the texture melts on the skin"?  It can't be more true. That's why they indicate to apply a generous layer, since a thin layer would literally get absorbed into your skin, especially if it's dry. For the first time, I did feel that it was truly soothing right when it touched my skin. The tightness and the discomfort was immediately relieved. Like seriously. You guys might think I'm hyping it up, but no. I'm really serious.

You have to leave it on for 10 mins, but after a few use, I decided to leave it longer since I love how it calms my skin (about 20mins). You don't need to rinse it out. When using other masks, I always felt the need of rinsing my face after because it would leave a film or greasy residue on my face. With La Roche Posay's Intense mask, I felt comfortable just wiping the excess out and apply my moisturizer right after, without being greasy. It didn't clog my pores or make me break out. It just left my skin soothed, softer, hydrated and supple. It calmed down the redness too!!

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to re-hydrate & soothe their skin, whether it's sensitive or not. I think it's a good staple to have in your drawer to quench your skin or in case of skin emergency (like a allergic reaction). I can definitely say it made it to my HGs list and I will absolutely purchase a new one as soon as I run out! :)

I hope you guys found this helpful!
What are you favorite western moisturizing mask? Please share! =)
Have a great week,

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was provided by the company for consideration but doesn't affect my opinion in any ways. My review is 100% honest and I do not receive any form of compensation. 


  1. that sounds really nice, how it just melts into your skin. I tried a hydration mask from Origins before and it felt like it was making me sweat -- aka it didn't get absorbed like this mask you are describing. I haven't tried too much La Roche-Posay products but they all sound pretty nice!

  2. Wow, I want to try this out too! thanks for sharing ^_~

  3. Glad to hear it worked well for your sensitive skin!


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