Where have I been : Summer 2013 recap!

Hi everyone!

I can't believe the last time I blogged was in May! Almost 3 months went by already? That was waaaay too fast! This blog post will be very different from my usual post. It's not beauty related at all, which is pretty rare! I'll give you guys a glimpse of what I've done during this summer so far, just to add a little bit more variety to my blog and I might diversify the content of my posts in the future since I got a little bit bored of limiting myself to beauty products and such. Don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed about beauty products and everything related to it, but as I grow older, I have other interest and things that I would like to write about. I think that diversifying the content of my blog will add a more personal touch to it too! What you guys think about that? :) 

First of all, I must admit that I really enjoyed this year's summer vacation because it was filled with so much activities. I love to have events here and there in my agenda even though I worked a lot. It could be a simple lunch date to a full week of being away from home. Summer doesn't last long in my area, so I try to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Even though I'm a still a student, I try to travel every summer, because it feels good to be away from home sometimes. Usually it's a short trip of 2 - 4 days and we don't go very far because of our budget, but still, it's better than nothing right? This year, I've been very lucky and went on a 8 days trip with my family. Where have we been? I'll let you guess...
Grand Turk

Yup!! On a cruise!! It was the most exciting yet relaxing trip I have been to so far. We were on the Carnival Breeze and visited the East of the Caribbean. We went to Grand Turk, San Juan, Tortola and St-Thomas. It was absolutely stunning, but I wished we had a little bit more sun! I'll dedicate a full post just on this trip ;) On a side note, a big THANK YOU to Lulu for giving tips for the cruise!! <3 p="">

Another thing that I love is food. I enjoy eating out, having a good chat with friends or simply a date with the bf. If you follow me on instragram, you'll see that I have a good amount of food pictures LOL! I think I would have way more if the bf doesn't complain =P

One of my favorite discovery this summer : Tartare at Marché 27
I love to eat raw stuff: Oysters, sashimi, tataki and you name it. I never had beef, veal or duck tartare before and I was pleasantly surprised by the texture & the taste. I had the ''plateau dégustation'' which had 5 different type of meat. My two favorite out of the bunch were the french style beef and the thai style salmon. The plate is way too much for 1 person. It has more than enough for 2 people. The calamari was delicious; well seasoned & tender and the dip was awesome. 

In the heart of the old port of Montreal, you`ll find Jardin Nelson.
I went there on (late) lunch time, around 2pm. Even though it was pretty late for lunch, there was so much people! If you ever get the chance to eat there, you must absolutely try their Melon Sangria! I`m usually not a big fan of sangria, but this one was really good. It's light, fresh and they put white wine in it. I liked their nordic shrimp salad too with avocado. Very lightweight and perfect for hot summer days. As for their nachos, a lot of people love it but I wasn't too sure about it. They added cranberries to it and I'm not a big fan of having fruits in a salty dish. It was very well balanced ; not too sweet, just a tiny kick but it's really not my cup of tea. My friend had a fresh salmon salad and since I'm not a fan of cooked fish either, I didn't try it out. 

A new Izakaya style restaurant opened so bf and I decided to try it. We really liked the decor/ambiance of it. What really caught my attention were the drinks they offered. The bf decided to go with the Sake Colada and I went with the Watermelon Ninja. Why? Because of the name HAHA! And the Jalapeno =P It was pretty special because it was fresh at first because of the watermelon but a heat at the end because of the jalapeno. It would be something I would order again if I want a twist to my drink. I loved the sake colada though, it tasted like a very light version of Pina Colada! The food was good and we were able to try quiet a lot of it since the portion are like entrée style. 

And now for the most epic moment of summer 2013....
Sorry for the blurry picture
Fan girl much? Yes, yes, yes and YEEEEEESS!!! They are my all time favorite boy band and I STILL LOVE THEM!! LOL! I finally went to their concert after 20 years! Their song brings me so much memories of my childhood, my teenage years and now my young adult life! I'm so glad they are still together and making new songs. I loved everything from their concert, they sang the most popular song from back then until now and even after all these years and such success, they are very humble and really take the time to thank the fans for the continuous support. Right before the concert, Baylee (Brian's son) even sang to us!! CUTE! And Brian is still as goofy as before =P Can you guess who's my favorite BSB? =D Nop, it's not Nick Carter. LOL

And guess what? They did a acapella too! Something very rare in a concert nowadays in my opinion. Some lucky fans had the chance to go on stage during their performance and be a few steps away from the boys! =O Where's AJ? His hidden by Kevin. LOL

Okay now, I don't want to bombard you guys with the other pictures that I took.
I hope you guys enjoyed these kind of posts!
See you next time!!


  1. oh you went on a cruiseee... i want to do that :( the food looks good. I sometimes get worried when I see montreal having a new izakaya, i think that's one thing toronto has a lead on!! must get you to come visit more often... and speak cantonese to the waitress muahaha.

    i stopped reading at the backstreet boy part.

  2. YAY TO CRUISES!! and oMG!! is it bad that im super jealous that you went to the BSB concert?!??!?! I HATE MY LIFE!! i missed it cus i just started my "flying" life. no pun intended. >___<!! IIIIIMMM SOOO JEALOOOOOOUSSSSSSSSSS

  3. My goodness all that food looks soo delicious. I just ate and I'm hungry all over haha!

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  4. How wonderful you got to go on a cruise. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. your blog is awesome


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