Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème review

"This light, whipped Nourishing Crème supremely hydrates skin, helping to replenish and balance skin’s moisture during the day and restore skin’s natural radiance and softness at night.
Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème helps:
- Rejuvenate skin’s appearance and strengthen its moisture barrier
- Intensely moisturize and condition with Mango and Shea Butters." (Source:
First thing first, a short description of my skin. Before, I had a oily t-zone and normal cheeks but with time, my cheeks became drier, especially in winter, and my t-zone more "normal", even though it's slightly shiny by the end of the day. I won't say I have sensitive skin, but sometimes I get a heck of a reaction! 
I was about to repurchase Clinique turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer (which I love love love!) since I ran out of it when a friend told my about Laura Mercier's new moisturizer that was about to launch. She had the chance to try the face oil from the same line and it sounded divine but I usually have no luck with face oil so she recommended that I try their cream first. 

I tend to stray away from rose scented products, but this cream has a very very delicate and light rose scent and a light pink/peach color. The scent dissipates fairly quickly so it doesn't linger on your skin. Even though it's stated as a cream, I find it to be more like a gel-cream. It's packed in a 50g plastic jar that is quite sturdy.
I've been using it as a night cream for a week now and I am a bit underwhelmed. I don't find it hydrates my cheeks enough during the night, but my t-zone seems to like it as its not super shiny or feels dry when I wake up. Perhaps I have to use it with the face oil for that extra moisture on my cheeks? However, I really like it as a day cream, I find that it balances well my skin. Upon application, it gives a dewy finish to my face but it sinks in after a few minutes. I did notice that my skin is a bit more radiant and didn't have any clogged pores or break outs. My main problem with face moisturizer is that they tend to clog the pores on my forehead and form whiteheads, but I didn't experience this problem this time. YAY! Finally a moisturizer that I can use all over my face!  

The downside of this product is it's price. It retails for 82$CAN (62$US), the same price as my current HG Chanel Hydra Beauty gel-cream. Will I repurchase? Frankly, this is a very nice day cream so it might be my next HG (only time will tell), but it didn't made the cut for a night cream.

*Update January 9th 2015*: Will not repurchase. Too pricey for a basic moisturizer

What's your favorite moisturizer? Please share!


  1. Yikes that price! Is Laura Mercier considered a high end brand?

    1. Yup it's ridiculously pricey in Canadian dollar because it costs around 62$US >_< and yes it's considered as a high end brand :)

  2. 82 dollars for a cream in a jar? Nope, I can't not justify that :-( Now if they put it in a pump or a tube, that would be a different story

    1. Yeah I know :( SO much more hygienic!

    2. That, plus the active ingredients break down as soon as you open the jar and the cream becomes useless.

    3. I see your point here, but this is a basic moisturizing cream, not a anti-aging or unstable ingredients. I would agree that if it was a cream with unstable ingredients it would be completely useless in a jar after opening but I don't think it would be that drastic for a basic cream. Thank you for your insight!

    4. I also forgot to mention that there's a extra lid inside that it not pictured :)

  3. I actually have not tried any of Laura Mercier's skincare. Thanks for the review! Seems to be a great day moisturizer. Right now, my favorite moisturizer is Shiseido's White Lucent moisturizing cream.


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