Food aventures: Sweet sweet February!

In my head, February equals the month of chocolate. Uh huh. So let's start the month with some sweet stuff! :)

It's a place for dessert but they serve salty meal too. If you are from Montreal, the concept is like Juliette and Chocolat, but their menu is different. You can actually make your own smores, but never tried it yet. I had the Tutti Frutti Waffle here and my friend chose the Choco-Nut Waffle. It was amazebombs. The waffle was crunchy on the outside but still fluffy in the inside. Yummmms!!

Paulo & Suzanne
One evening, I was craving for a poutine, so mystery man and I decided to go for a cheat meal. Yup. A big fat, salty and calorific cheat meal. Hehehehe. We opted for the poutine called La Québécoise, which consist of black pepper gravy, mushroom, pepperonni, onions, beef and the classic cheese and fries. I love their poutine and they are open 24 hours/7. ;)

What kind of food you like to indulge in?


  1. Omg I LOVE waffles too. Especially when they're loaded with berries and whipped cream, my guilty pleasure :X

  2. I'm jealous, those waffles look amazing! I wish there were more places like this where I live, I'd probably live there half the time :)


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