04.17 - Wedding preparation 101

Hello y'all~!

lol I'm really bad at keeping my post up. Last time I said I would post about wedding preps but it was over 6 months ago. What the F.

Anyways, planning a wedding wasn't as easy as I thought and thank god I have amazing bridemaids to calm me the f down or I would've turned into a bridezilla. I am an planning freak and I usually like to get things rolling, but for a wedding, you really need to take your time and think twice about certain things, like your vendors.

So what did we do right after my fiancé popped the question?

Sneak peak of our venue's hall

  • Choose a few dates when you possibily want to get married and the YEAR!

I wanted to get married in 2018 but my other half wanted 2017. We both knew we wanted to get married in September and I finally agreed for 2017 since we had a little over a year at that time to plan. I wanted a minimum of 1 year to plan for the big day.

We picked a few dates because we didn't want to get fixated on one particular date and then the venue that we want wouldn't be available. What will set your date it really the venue/reception hall.

  • Set a budget!

"Obviously..." you probably think. This will have a huge impact on your next choices and let me tell you that its very very easy to go over budget because of little things.

  • Pick your venue/reception hall! (and fast if your date is a popular one; like long weekends!)

Unless you have your mind set or a particular place, I recommend to visit visit visit and shop! You also have to keep in mind the type or theme that you want, what kind of entertainment you want for the guest and roughly the number of people that you will be inviting. This part also includes the type of food that you want to have. This part will eat up a lot of your budget (more than 50%).

Once you have set a venue and you have secured your day, the rest is details that you can work on gradually over the next months, according to your preference and budget. Many details includes:

  • Decorations
  • Wedding favors for the guests
  • Entertainment
  • Cake (or cupcake tower ;))
  • Wedding invitations
  • MC and DJ
  • Photograph and videograph
  • Cultural ceremonies
& whatever makes you happy and that will make your wedding day a memorable day!

Throughout this experience, I think that the most important thing is communication between the partners. Remember that this day is not only about you, but about your couple and your love for each other. It is important to have your SO's input too, even he might be laid-back af and nonchalent like mine. LOL. Also know that having bridemaids/groommen that you trust helps a lot in planning your big day and it's important that you delegate some of the responsabilities to them. The last thing I want on my wedding day, is to be a over stressed bride and control freak. I want that day to be stress free, a happy day and go with the flow. As much as we want it to be perfect, you have to realize that it's not the super tight schedule or the activities/pictures that you have to get done that will make it perfect. It's all about the attitude and the vibe that the couple emits that will make perfect.

Know that not everything will necessarily be the way you want or go the way you expect it to go and it's fine. Just go with the flow and cherish every moment of your big day. I tried to summarize as much as I could about THE most important points of wedding planning and I hope that it will give all futur brides a good idea to where to start when planning for a wedding.

But wait.. what about the dress?

Bride dress shopping is an adventure that I will share in another post!



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