About me

Bonjour à toi!

Needle in the haystack finder by day and skincare enthusiast by night. I have been blogging on and off since 2009, under LittoMokaa's colorful life and decided to change it for My Beauty Jar in the end of 2014. I am a Chinese born Canadian and have been born and raised in Montreal. I speak fluently 4 languages, love coffee and trying food from different cultures.

I have a guilty obsession. Beauty products. I can't remember when this passion started but I can tell you that I tried a whole lot of skincare products! I'm willing to try, willing to learn and willing to share! I mainly write reviews on beauty products and a few lifestyle posts. I am no guru or claim to be anything similar. I'm just a normal girl that likes to share her thoughts on things and hope to help someone out there to make the right choice (because beauty products aren't free!) I also have a new found love: gym/heavy lifting, so you might find fitness related posts here and there. :)

Thank you SO much for reading my blog and a extra THANK YOU to all my followers! <3

For any inquiries, you can contact me at: x-mokaa@hotmail.com

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