Happy New Year 2010!

I'm late, but still. Happy New Year people! I wish you guys health, prosperity, luck and success in everything. I know I promised you guys to update my blog a little more during the holidays but I faileeed! So many family reunions here and there and work and spending time with the boyfriend.. Wow. Can't really get some rest. Today January 2nd. I don't know for you guys but here in Montreal, shopping center are open and that means that I had to work. I mean c'mon it's the 2nd of January! The shopping mall was deaaad. Malls shouldn't be open! ahaha. Anywayyys, I've bought a few make-ups here and there during the holidays.

On the 31st, I went to mac and bought some eyeshadow to fill my mac pro palette. I wanted to get "Phloof" for sure, even though I had "Shroom". I was hesitating between getting "patina" or "woodwinked". I finally got "Woodwinked" and the limited edition "Suave intentations" from the Love Lace collection. "Suave intention" is a silver-ish blue and I KNEW I had to get it! LOL! I just have to depot it now. I'll get "patina" next time. Oh and I got a box with 5 shades of MAC pigments for my birthday! (which was about 2 weeks ago LOLL!) I don't remember the name of it but it was a holiday collection. I never used pigments before so I wasn't sure at first how to use it and if I would like it, but omg the result is amazing! It is VERY pigmented but you still can go for a subtle look, but I won't buy a pot of it unless someone else buys it with me. I would never ever be able to finish the pot alone! A little bit goes a loooong way. I also received a navy liquid liner and a lipstick from Clarins. I swatched the liquid liner on my hand and it the color came out very light, not as pigmented as I was expecting to but I still like it. I would use it for a very natural, subtle look. The lipstick is a lovely pink/mauve shade and very pigmented. Love it!

Today after work, I went to Pharmaprix (Shopper Drug Mart in other Canadian province) to get Annabelle's eyeshadow pan to fill my pro palette. Yes the individual pans fit in mac's palette. I wanted a black shadow because I didn't want to spend 13$ for a black shadow but came home with a matte brown and nude shadow instead. I added also 2 Gosh Velvet Touch waterproof eyeliner in Blue moon and Bananas! I absolutly love it, the texture is velvety and smooth! It holds pretty well on my waterline but i'll be testing it tomorrow to see if it really holds the hole day.

I'll be posting up pictures soon.


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