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Okay I know I know, it's been nearly 10 days that I haven't blogged and posted any picture but here I am! I just uploaded the pictures out of my camera and I've done a little cropping here and there so I would be posting them up like right now. Gaah I wonder how the other makeup bloggers can post things every week or every day! I want your secrets! LOL I must admit that my laziness doesn't help at all either :)

Okay so lately, I've been going through this "in-search-of-the-perfect-face-cleanser" phase because I just ran out of all my cleansers! Wow.. I had 3 of them and I kinda told myself to finish those off before buying a new one. ONE! But instead I came home with... 3 others. =_=' But! Not at the same time, hopefully :) So the first one I got is Neutrogena's nourishing cream cleanser night calming. I bought it around Christmas time and it has a "calming fragrance". The second one is Pond's Cold Cream for normal/dry skin. I read so many ravings about this stuff that I HAD to try it out! Hehe. The third onee is Neutrogena's Fresh foaming cleanser. It's foamy and bubbly! I guess it's going to last me up to 4 months of product, so no more buying cleansers ><"! I'll make reviews and posting up more pics on them tomorrow, for sure!

It's already Janurary 11th 2010 and I didn't step into a Sephora since boxing day! YAYY! It's a miracle! LOL! And I plan to avoid Sephora until I've finish at least 3 product. It's one of my New Year resolution. ;)

Yesterday was my day off so I stayed home.. I didn't felt like going out, it was cold outside and it's been a while since I stayed a hole day at home in my comfy pyjama's, messy hair & nothing but moisturizer on. I watched Sailor Moon (yeah! It still rocks!) and was online shopping (yup i'm a multi-tasking gal!) I ended up ordering BB Cream from Ebay (well.. not me.. more my hubby..) What is BB Cream? Wait and see ;)

So that's it for today. Btw, my course schedule is going to be up tomorrow morning! WAAAH! x_x


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