Laneige 3 in 1 Multi-Cleanser review + drugstore haul!

Hi everyone! So today I'll be reviewing the infamous 3 in 1 multi-cleanser from Laneige. For those of you who doesn't know what Laneige, it's a high end Korean cosmetic brand that it sold a bit everywhere in Asia. They are starting slowly to enter the US & Canadian market.

It's been quiet a while now that I bought this cleanser and I really wanted to try it because of Bubzbeauty. LOL. I saw so many raves and stuff that when I placed my order, I bought 2 of them instead of one because I was so sure I would love it.

Let's start by a little description of the product : "A multi function facial cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses skin and buffs off dead skin cells in a single step. The micro cellulose beads in the cleanser deftly remove all traces of makeup to leave skin thoroughly clean and fresh. Natural ingredients mixed with Vitamin E keep skin healthy with a radiant glow. Can also be used to remove lip and eye makeup. Suitable for all skin types.

- A 3-in-1 cleanser functioning as makeup remover + foam cleanser + super fine scrub.

- Ultra fine particles containing 100µm Micro cellulose beads completely remove the makeup residue.

- AHA mixtures extracted from 5 plants (orange, lemon, bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple) keep your skin elastic, and ivy extracts and vitamin E agent purifies skin impurities."

It looks promising right? =P The product foams up really well, but don't expect it to be a rich lather. It has a light pink color to it with a nice citrus scent. The beads are really really tiny and it feels very comfortable. It's not harsh, very gentle for everyday use. A light pressure is enough to buff all those dead cells away. It doesn't leave my skin dry or tight. However, I noticed that a daily usage (2x a day) of this product irritated my skin, so I would use this only 1 to 2 times a week. I can't really say that it removes face makeup because I always clean my face with MAC's cleansing oil first (if I have foundation and whatsoever) but it doesn't clean off my eye makeup or even the residues. Also, make sure that it doesn't come in contact with your eyes or else it will burn like crazyyyy lol.

What I like <3 about this product:
Lovely scent
Very fine beads
Foams well
Leaves my skin glowing & brighter
Doesn't dry out after 1 usage

What I don't like about this product:
Doesn't remove eye-makeup + burns the eyes
Can be drying if used daily

Packaging: 5/5 Squeeze tube, easy to use under shower
Product : 4.5/5 Wish it would be less drying for me with a daily usage
Price: I bought it for 29.99$US
Scent: 5/5 Very pleasant citrus smell
Would I repurchase? not for winter time because I feel it will be too drying. Maybe for summer

* If you go on Laneige's company site, this product is no longer listed. They have a new Multi-Cleanser that is 4 in 1 now, instead of 3 in 1, that takes off sunscreen too! 

* If you are interested in getting this product, I'm selling my backup (brand new, never opened) in my blogsale.

Now for the mini drugstore haul :)
I've been on a low/no buy recently and it's pretty hard!! These are the only beauty related things that I bought this month with a eyeliner & brow pencil (both not shown). I'm doing better step by step! =P


  1. I too have been tempted by Laneige raves and bought the BB Cream + skincare. It didn't work out for me either b/c there is way too much alcohol in their line. This causes skin to dry out.

  2. Thanks for the review! I've been interested in trying Laneige products. This cleanser sounds nice, I like that it has really fine beads. But if it burns your eyes, oh no! :( But at least it's pink & cute ^__^

    I'm doing a no-buy this month too! (: Made too many orders last month lol >_<

  3. thanks for the great review! this product sounds lovely for lazy people like me haha but too bad it doesn't remove makeup.

    you did good for your low buy month =)

  4. It sounds great for me as we have summer all the time and I have oily skin :D

  5. sounds nice, but I don't think I could fork up the money for this.
    The 4 in 1 sound cool, though!

  6. @Kristie : I've been eyeing their BB cream too! But I didn't found any reviews on it so I didn't bought it xD

    @Erynn: LOL! Good luck with your no-buy! :D

    @Fruity Lashes: Thank you :)

    @Dina: Lucky you >< I wish I had summer all the time too =P

    @Grace: Yeah it's on the expensive side but I think it's going to be on sale since they came out with a new one. Welcome to my blog tho! :)

  7. The Wet n Wild liner is awesome! ^0^ It is truely worth the try

  8. @Cherry: Yeah I heard it was way better than the Bobbi brown one! Can't wait to test it out! :)

  9. I wanted to try Laneige's Strawberry Peeling Scrub thingy!! It smells so nice! ^^

  10. Nice review! Ive only ever tried their eye cream and sleeping mask.. I find them a little too fragrance for my liking. lovely haul there!

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  14. Thanks so much for the review! It sounds like a great product until you said it could be drying...cant have that with my skin! :( But I love your mini haul! Sometimes little hauls can just make your day! hehe

  15. je vais bien aussi merci :)
    oh merci du compliment pour les créations<3
    tu es en vacances en ce moment?

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  17. Oh gosh thanks for the review I've been wanting to try this cleanser for forever now :)


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