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 I've been tagged by Mai!

1. What is your favorite time of the day? Depends. If I work, the end of my shift and when I'm off, let's say the afternoon! :D
2. What kind of car do you drive? And what do you wish you were driving? I'm driving a Toyota Corolla. LOL. I wish I was driving a Hyundai Tucson o_O
3. What is your ultimate weapon against pimples? Time & grease lightning from Lush
4. What is the best product that someone recommended to you and who was that person/site? I don't really have one... I know what I like and don't like by testing them out. I refer to Makeup Alley's product review sometimes :)
5. Have you ever had a bad experience with customer service at a makeup counter/store? Which counter/store? Yes. Clinique counter in a Sears. The woman was such a bitch and insulted me by saying "we're not kids here playing around and giving it back when we don't like it anymore." I wanted a refund because I had a bad rash from it all along my jawline. IT'S A RASH BITCH NOT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE THE PRODUCT!
 6. What is your favorite kind of pizza? All dressed. The classic :)
7.What is your MAC shade? NC20 (NC25 right now because I got tanned haha)
8.What is your favorite concealer? And can you tell me a little about it? Mac Studio Finish SPF 35. It's the creamiest concealer that I ever tried that doesn't cake or sink into the fine lines. It covers very well my redness and light dark circles. A little goes a long way and it's very buildable & easy to work with. Plus, it has SPF 35 :D But it emphasizes the dry skin around my nose sometimes =/
9. If I visited you in your home country/state and you had to show me around, where would we go/what would we do? If you come to Montreal, I'll show you the  Olympic Stadium LOL! Take a walk in the Old port & eat some "beaver tail" (Queue de castor). I'll make you taste some "poutine" too! I'll also take you shopping to our underground mall :D
10.What do/did you like the best about high school? When everyone was together.
11.What is one food you have tried before but will never eat again? Alligator. Ugh.
12. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you'd do with your money? Buy myself the best laptop & save for uni. :D
13. What are three features that you could change about your physical appearance? Honestly, nothing. I learned to like everything about myself.
14.What's your favorite cereal? Fruit loops are the best, but too avoid diabetes I eat cheerios. HAHAHA. (I am a very sweet person! =P)
15. Do you prefer tying your hair up or leaving it down? leaving it down when I have time to straighten them lol.
16. Besides blogging, what is your favorite pastime? reading. Nerdddd. =P


  1. Wow that lady is so rude to you. Not cool at all when it comes to SA sometimes. Like you I too love the end of a work day..LOL.

  2. it was fun reading. i also ate alligator before but i don't think i'll eat it again. kinda weird. thanks for sharing!

  3. What a terrible Clinique counter experience! Geez!

    OMG! POUTINE! I love that stuff ^^

  4. That's really rude of the Clinique SA!
    I love reading too :D

  5. Ah you wish to drive a Hyundai while I wish I was driving something hahaha!
    Oh wow... that sounds like a really really bad experience at Clinique =X
    You ate alligator before?!?! Omg I wonder how that tasted like o__o


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