Colorful & yummy macaroons =P~

For those of you who have a sweet tooth like me, you will be pleased!

Yesterday, I went to a store called "Le point G" to buy some macaroons. I remembered the first time I tried them was in Paris, when I was about 8 or 9 years old xD. When I saw that they sold them here in Montreal, I was super excited! The ones that I had in Paris were super moist and fluffy, hmm I can still taste it even though I was really young!

When I arrived at the store, I was surprised at how small it was lol. I nearly missed it! XD I was greeted by a nice lady and I went straight to see the selections of macaroons they offered. It was so colorful! I bought a box of 20 and told the lady to give me one of each flavor (hahaha i'm such a pig) but heell they are expensive! >_<

They aren't as moist and fluffy as the ones that I ate a long time ago LOL but they we're still amazinngg! Especially the chocolate flavored ones =D I shared some with my bf's family so I didn't tasted all of them, but I will definitely repurchase and appreciate each of them all by myself hihihi. There's also another store that sells macaroons so I might try it next time.

 "Le Point G"
1266 rue Mont-Royal Est, H2J1Y3

"La maison du macaron"
4479, Rue de la Roche, H2J 3J2

Wahahahaha =D
Hope you liked this post!


  1. Mmmmm those look yummy!! I love macaron, but they are so expensive so I rarely buy them. But each bite is so delicious! I've had chocolate flavor, but I'd love to try more. They're so colorful and pretty to look at!

  2. Darn girl! I need to drive myself to Montreal and get me some of that haha! Looks so yummy!
    Wow, you remember going to Paris when you were young? What nice fond childhood memories ^^

  3. Wow, there's so many flavors! I wish I can try all of them too, hehe..

  4. mmm the macaron looks pretty and yummy :D

  5. @s: Definitely! Macaroons are some damn expensive sin! XD

    @Nat: Yup I remember everything of that trip even though I was really young :) Come down to Montreal girl! I'll eat macaroons with you! =P

    @Dina: Yeah there's like 22 flavors and they a flavor of the month too LOL!

    @Nic nic: :D

  6. Cool! i think i will return to Point G. Last time i ate there was spring 2010 o.O

    It's cool to find a montrealer! =D there aren't a lot of them doing blog =( i see most people from other provinces and United States.

  7. I haven't had a macaron in such a LONG time !! XD Now I'm craving some!!

  8. so yummy i love macaroons. i wish i could make some


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