Finished product of October 2010!

I'm super excited to write this post because it's my first "finished product" post ever and I'm really proud of myself too! xD I was inspired by Lulu, I was so amazed at how many products she was able to finish so I kind of challenged myself to do the same :) Let's start! :D

Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam

I made a review before on this cleanser and I must say that even though I really liked it, it came to a point where it would leave a burnt plastic smell on my hands after I washed my face with it. I think that the chemical in there just reacted with the chemistry of my skin or something like that o_O. Also, I noticed that on the days where
 my skin was more sensitive, it would make my dry patch of eczema on my cheek reappear. Eeek! >_<. But overall, I think it's a really good cleanser, but it doesn't remove makeup!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I heard raves about this and how it was good on sensitive skin so I gave it a try. I think it's a really basic cleanser, it doesn't remove makeup at all. My face feels clean afterwards and not tight. For some reason, my skin didn't like it and it just exacerbated my eczema in my cheeks! I didn't thought that this was the culprit, because it is known for being very gentle and stuff. When I went to the clinic, the doctor told my that I should stop using it for a while to see if it was this. I stopped it for a while and my eczema calmed down. Do not always trust the labels >_<" I didn't wanted to waste the product so I used it as a shower gel. LOL. Not the best shower gel =P

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L

This was the first "High end" makeup that I ever bought! I was so desperate for a smudge proof eyeliner at that time haha. I was so happy when I found it and didn't stopped using it until I found better & cheaper (poor little thing! look at the picture! He's been abused haha!!). Comparing to what I have now, yes it's really waterproof but not pigmented enough for me. Maybe I would repurchase someday, when it will be on special =P

Neutrogena's Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover
I didn't want to spend a fortune on a eye makeup remover so I decided to pick this one. It's actually not bad, but not as efficient as Lancome's Bi-Facil or Boot's #7 cleanse & clear double eye-makeup remover (what I'm using right now). It removes non-waterproof makeup very easily but when it comes to waterproof/long-lasting makeup.. Uh oh! Since I use 99% of the time waterproof/long-lasting product, I had to use more products. It melts your eyeliner but leaves me with racoons eyes so I had to repass underneath to get rid of all product. Plus, it leaves somegreasy residue but I wasn't really bothered by this because I always cleanse my face with cleanser afterwards.

Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in 01 black
I love love love this eyeliner! Especially for tight lining! It holds on well and doesn't give me racoon eyes! It's a little more pigmented than the MUFE one but can definitely compare to it, in my opinion. The only downside is that you can't really see when you'll run out of product.

Dior's brow styler
I really liked the product itself but not the price. You get so little for the price! I use it everyday and it lasted probably max a month. Not more. And it's not I was filling my brows like crazy! It was very pigmented and there's only 1 shade that is universal. It was a little lighter than brows but it seemed very natural. Very chic package but like it's Dior, expect to pay a fortune for it. If it lasted me longer, I would complain but heck! I'd rather spend this money on other products lol.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-step facial cleanser
This is my new HG!! I initially bought the travel size because I didn't know if it would work for me or not and because of my current skin condition and weather change, I'm very hesitant to try something new. I'm amazed by this product, like really. It cleanses really well my skin and leaves it baby butt soft!! It also get rids of makeup too yay :D :D I would definitely say that this is an ALL SKIN TYPE cleanser. I would totally recommend to people who has very dry skin to super oily skin. I bough the bigger bottle!! :D

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
 I would spray this over my face when it's really irritated or tight or when I'm falling asleep while studying LOL! I won't say it a great product, but it's not bad either. I don't think that I necessarily need this, but it's good to have it in your stash of stuff. I received it as a gift & probably won't buy it because of the price and the fact that it's not a necessity for me lol. It's very refreshing though when you are spending late nights studying =P

 Hope you enjoyed this post!
&& I want to say a BIG thank you for the comments you ladies left me on the last post!
-S :) :)


  1. Im proud of you! It feels good to finish up products! Then you can buy! I love that neutrogena's makeup removers, cetaphil and purity!

  2. Great post! Looks like you've finished quite a few products. I had the same issue with Shiseido Cleansing Cream as well. It made my skin really dry after washing.

  3. yayy i am glad, you did super well for your first finished product post! and all awesome products that you finished too -- i've always wanted to try the dior brow pencil. but $28 and it only lasted you about a month? hmm i might have to rethick about it! what brow pencil are you using to replace it? wow look at that teeny aqua eyes, hehe so cute.

  4. Wow! You've finished lots of products, good job :D. I'm intrigued to try the Philosophy cleanser!

  5. Omg you sure finished a lot of products last month!! XD wowow

  6. @Miss Nikka: Ty dear! :D :D I'm trying to go on a really low buy right now but it's soooo tempting haha! Especially with all the holiday collection stuff x_x

    @Kristie: Ty :D It's nice to know I'm not the only one! :)

    @Lulu: I tried Lancome's le crayon poudre but the color was off so now I'm using MAC's impeccable brow pencil in taupe. It's maybe not as pigmented but I still like it because its the perfect color!

    @Dina: You should give it a try! :D

    @Dana: YEAAH! I'm really happy LOL!

  7. good tihng i read this! i was about the buy cetaphil cleanser! i definitely wont anymore lol

  8. yay more finished products for you! i used the first 3 items before too. and i still have the cleanser for my daughter and the mufe liner for myself ^^

  9. Oooh the Sephora liner huh? Must check that one time.
    I LOLed so much when you said you sprayed your face when you're falling asleep while studying HAHAHA! You're so funny, oh how I miss reading everyone's blogs ;P


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