Comparison between Dolly Wink liquid liner and Stila Waterproof stay all day liquid liner

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Here's the long awaited post on Stila's waterproof stay all day liquid line & Dolly Wink liquid liner comparison!!! I'm currently spending all my free time studying which explains my lack of post. Sorry! In this post, I'll be reviewing both liquid liners and make a comparison between them.

I bought this on, for approx 18-19$US. I also bought a back-up of it since it has pretty good reviews on it. It's my second time buying from this website, that is runned by Nic from Bang bang she shoots. I really like their services and it doesn't take too long before your package meets your front step (depending on the mailing option that you choose of course!)

As you may all know, I am head over heels with my Stila waterproof stay all day liquid liner, that I discovered a few months ago. I already went through a pencil and it was included in one of my "finished products of the month" post. It took me 3 full months so finish it to the last drop (using it everyday 7/7).

When I went to Sephora to get another one, they were out of stock so I had to wait a while before getting another one. In alternative, I was using my pencil liner & gel liner but I didn't liked it as much as the liquid one. Since it was pretty expensive too, I decide to try a cheaper alternative. Dolly Wink liquid liner in deep black.

Here's a comparison between both liners. They are approximately the same width. I tried to find how much the Dolly Wink weight but couldn't find it anywhere! As you can see, the tips are very fine. I find that the Dolly Wink is a little bit finer and more precise. They both glide super smoothly and are easy to work with. Great for noobies! =P However, the plastic packaging of Dolly Wink feels cheaper than the other one,

A closer look to the tips. As you can see, they both have different texture. The Stila (bottom) is a fine felt tip liner and the Dolly Wink one is more like a "brush" type. In my opinion, the Dolly Wink one is "perfect straight line" friendly compared to Stila's one, which you have to be more "concentrate" and careful in order to achieve a perfect line.

Onto the swatch! As you can see, the DW creates a thinner line but is way less pigmented than the Stila. Here I have a swipe of each. DW dries up very fast too. A split second after applying it and it dries, so if you make a mistake you will need a bit of makeup remover to erase the error! In comparison, Stila takes a bit more time to dry but it's still dries up pretty fast  BUT giving you the time to fix any error.

The staying power is very good for both of them. They are definitely waterproof and long lasting! However, sometimes the DW one can chip a bit in the inner corner of my eye but the rest still remains intact! I tried them for tightlining my upper lash line too and it didn't irritate my eyes. Removal ISN'T a pain compared to waterproof pencil liner! They remove easily without giving you that racoon eyes look :)

Which one I prefer? I like both and will repurchase both! These eyeliner are the only one that I use right know. I wear them everyday (to work, shcool, shopping, go out......) I'm very minimalistic with my makeup now. I use Dolly Wink on my lash line, curl my lashes & apply Kiss me Heroine mascara, tighline with Stila and voila! I don't bother wearing eyeshadows anymore hahaha.

***MINI ANNOUCEMENT*** It's been exactly a month that I didn't bought any beauty related stuff (okay except the mini haul which included a nail polish and Revlon lippie, but I rarely buy nail polish..) So let's say I've only bought a drugstore lippie in my no buy month LOL! I'm still proud of me =P Now I'm running low on my skincare products so expect a haul soon hahahha =P I'M SO HAPPY YAY!

I have also met with Caudalie brand CEO/founder in Ogilvy in Downtown yesterday! I was passing by accidently and they just stopped me and asked me if I was interested in a skin diagnosis and stuff and I said why not? The founders are actually college sweethearts (aw how sweet) and they came all the way from France. I was pretty surprised that THEY took the time to fly around the world to explain their products to customers (you know that most of high end brands have usually some rep for their line and stuff..) To me, in means that they really value their customer and would like to know them more! Their french accent was amazing haha and they are really friendly people. They really took the time to explain how their products works, describe every ingredient they use and how they extract it & the benefits. These are people that knows their products and that wants to offer the best to their customer. I like! Unfortunately, I couldn't get anything because I left my credit card at home (so I don't go buying) but they really convince me to trying their products (the CEO even told me that he felt bad that they didn't had any sample for me to try... I mean you don't find these people anymore!) (Caudalie is available at Sephora and some departement stores)

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&& That's it for today!
I hope that you guys enjoyed the post and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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