Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup SPF 10 VS Laneige's Sliding Pact SPF 25

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup SPF 10

Whats it claims: " What it is: A natural mineral pigment powder. What it does: Dior Skin Nude blends100% natural mineral pigments with Dior's exclusive, active mineralized water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time. By using advances in mineral makeup technology, this product will take you complexion to a whole new level. What else you need to know: Contains 20% Active Mineralized Water for a fresh finish." (source: Dior.com)

Initially, I bought this powder because of Nat's raving about it and I was searching for a light powder to even out my skintone. The fact that it contains active mineralized water made me curious about it too =P. I bought this over 6 months ago I still go back to this! The powder is very fine and provides light coverage, which is enough for me. It gives your skin a semi-matte luminous finish, it looks like your skin glows from within. It blends effortlessly and I feel that my skin is softer too! There's a light frangrance to it but it doesn't irritate my semi-sensitive skin and doesnt' clog my pores!

You can definitely build up the coverage, but I don't think it's supposed to be a heavy duty foundation powder but more a finishing powder. It doesn't creased, caked or make my t-zone shine. YAY! =D It leaves a super natural finish which I love. I apply this powder with Sephora's Profressional Mineral Powder brush #45. The bristles are soft and dense enough to pick up a lot of products.
  I lovee the gorgeous yet simple sifter jar (I'm a sucker for packaging ahha). It comes with a plastic lid inside so the water from the powder doesn't evaporate. You can use it to swirl your brush in it too but I prefer using the lid (that's why it's dirty! =P) With the brush that I use, it doesn't make a mess and it's pretty easy to use. I don't use this powder everyday, only when I want a little more "coverage" or when I feel my skin is tired and dull so I can't really tell if my skin actually improved like stated, but I can tell that my skin is softer after applying the powder and feels hydrated. Since the coverage is very sheer, I can't tell if it transfers.
 The only thing that I don't like about this product is the fact that it's not travel friendly and I wish it came with a mini puff or brush inside (even if I don't use them, but still, it's pretty convenient sometimes). The price is pretty steep, I paid 48$ CAD for it.  

Sliding Pact_EX [Snow Crystal] SPF25/PA+

 "Cream-type concealer with excellent cover powder and adhesiveness.
- Portrays Transparent and luxurious, luminous glowing skin complexion[Snow Crystal Pure Powder].
Purified at 1000℃ and have gone through recrystallization cycle through porcelain glow method, it is thin, has no darkening phenomenon,and glows like transparent, clear snow.

- Portrays sliding,smooth skin complexion[Sliding Smooth Powder].
Easily modified and restored according to pressure,it aids[Snow Crystal Pure Powder] to be more conveniently and softly applied layer by layer,leaving skin sliding.

- Portrays healthy, and moist skin[Water Control Powder].
After absorbing and saving excess water/oil contents, it keeps skin healthy by maintaing a balanceof water and oil when skin feels dry." (source: Laneige.com)

If my memory is correct, I bought this last summer. I was able to get my hands on this in Montreal's Chinatown :) I wanted something with SPF and easy to travel with so I took a look at this. The product has a very heavy scent, but it's a pleasant scent. It's a compact powder and very travel friendly. There's a sponge and a big mirror included =D 

The powder itself is very fine too, even finer than the Dior one! It blends out smoothly without the caking or creasing and no oily face! For the coverage, I would say it ranges from light to medium, since it's very buildable and it's way more pigmented than the Diorskin powder. To my surprise, it does have a excellent adhesivenes. It didn't transfer to my clothe or tissue paper. At the end of the day, it's like I just applied the powder. It has a velvelty finish and it left my skin even smoother than the Diorskin nude mineral powder. It a decent oil control too but if you tend to turn easily into a greaseball, I wouldn't recommend it.

You can also achieve a heavier coverage by applying the powder with a damp sponge. I tried it once and it works really well! It also claims to be waterproof so I tested it out by dropping a few drops of water on the compact (ahaha I know, I took the chance to ruin my powder xD) and ZOMG! The drops of water didn't sank into the powder but actually stayed on it! o_O So fear no more ladies! You can go to the beach with makeup on now! =P 

What I don't like about this product is that is causes sensitivity on some days (I think it's because of the heavy fragrance) and the color is way too yellow for me. I got it in #2 and it costed me around 40$CAD.
Notice how Dior's powder is a little bit pinkier than Laneige's sliding pack, which is way too yellow for me

Overall, I really like both products but Diorskin Nude Mineral Powder is still the winner because of the shade and the fact that it didn't irritate my semi-sensitive skin. However, it would be great if it's SPF was as high as Laneige's one.

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