Finished product of May 2011 + packages + Gaby's Voda Swimsuit giveaway!

Holaaa sunshines :)
School is finally over so it's officially summer vacations for me! :) I haven't been able to finish any products in April, thus no post for it! I haven't been able to finish a lots of product like I usually do since I was only finishing the old products that I had and I've been restocking a lot lately. So I guess I'll have to wait another 3 - 4 months before having long post of empties!

St-Ives Green Tea Cleanser
The cleanser smells divine!! It comes out rather liquidy but when mixed with water, it does lather a little. The first time I used it, it left my skin soft and clean but after a few usage, my skin started to feel dry and tight. I used this only 1 - 2 times per week to keep the breakouts at bay and it worked pretty well. It didn't irritate my skin and helped out a little with the redness around my nose. However, it doesn't clean heavy makeup so make sure to use a makeup remover prior using this. Lulu was so kind she sent me this back in December as a birthday gift :) It wasn't available in Canada back then but now it is! :D 

Clean & Clear Eye Makeup Remover
This is my 2nd bottle of it. It's my current HG! It's cheap but works wonder for me! It removes my mascara & liner smoothly, without tugging and residues.

&& I also received a few packages!

Love package from Lulu that I received about a month ago! Thank you so much dear!

The deluxe samples from Kiehl's Healthy Skin Challenge giveaway! They hosted a giveaway on their facebook page and each day, the first 700 person to sign up would get these 7 days trial. ^_^

A few weeks ago, I won Agnes from Pinkbox Makeup Skin MD Natural shielding lotion giveaway! I was so happy since I wanted to try this product for the longest time! I received my package a few days ago and it came with samples too :)

And Gaby from Gaby's beauty blog is having a Voda Envy Push Up swimsuit giveaway!


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