Toronto 2 days shopping trip + haul! *picture heavy*

Hi guys!
How's your summer vacations going? Mine is pretty busy, always working and working or out with the loved ones <3 I was able to (finally) take some mini vacation last weekend and went to Toronto on a shopping 2 days tour. I had a lot of fun but it was waaaay too short!

The departure time was 7h30am and we arrived at Markham mall around 1h30. Honestly there weren't that much thing so we just walked around. At 3h30, we had to back to the bus and headed to Chinatown. They gave us a total of 4hours to shop there but it was way too much for us so the travel guide suggested us to take the electric train to Eaton center, which we did but only got the chance to go to Forever 21 since we had to go back to Chinatown to have dinner.

The next day we headed to T&T supermarket & Pacific mall. I was super excited because I wanted to buy a bunch of asian skincare and cosmetics. They have everything there! I was to surprised that they carried Naruko skincare in Pmall. I don't think they had the whole range thought.. But everything was way too over priced too compared to Since we bought a lot I was able to haggle with the owner =P

Let's stop the talking and make place for the pictures =D

Markham and some goodies from there haha :D

"Best noodles in Chinatown try us" hahaha so I peaked into the bowl =P I had a Tom Yum shrimp soup =D So delicious!!


Pacific mall haul :D I bought the cotton pads & eye masks in T&T market.

The trip was really awesome and it was the first time I travel without my parents so it felt so good (not in a bad way..) to be on my own! hehe. We're already planning to revisit next year but we won't go shopping, we'll maybe stay in Niagara falls. I already can't wait!

Even though it's been a very short period of time, taking a few days off and getting out of town far away from home and work feels really good. 

I hope you guys enjoyed!

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