NYC 2012 trip part 1

Hiii guys :D
I'm back from my trip! (Well... A week ago?) And I LOVED my trip! We walked so much that I had a blister on the 2nd day but it was worth it :) We we're lucky that it didn't rain during our stay but it was soooo hot and humid, especially on the 2nd day. We would walk a few blocks and get in a shop to cool down and continue haha (we were in Time Square). Since I don't have all the pictures with me, I'll post them in 2 separate posts. (Some pictures were taken with my iphone hehe)

Day 1:

Waiting at the Canadian/US border at 5am. The bus started at 4:15 exactly and it took about 45mins to get the the border from Chinatown. There were 3 buses before us and it took us 2 hours before going through the border. -_-'

After a lunch stop in Albany, we finally see Manhattan! On our way to cross the Lincoln tunnel.

 Another view of Manhattan. We arrived at about 2h30pm and we were pretty lucky that the traffic wasn't that bad! Last time I had to go through the Lincoln tunnel, it took like a freaking hour!

Finally in Manhattan! YELLOW CABS!! :D

 On top of Rockefeller center. Can you spot the Empire State? ;)

Another view from the Rockefeller center. Pictures does no justice to the beautiful view we had! Especially Central Park!

My iced caramel macchiato :) Starbucks gave me a new name LOL! After the Rockefeller center, we had some free time to walk around so we did a little bit of window shopping on 5th avenue. Didn't take pictures tho, there was too much people and there wasn't anything really interesting, except SHOPS lol :)

Day 2:
Lunch in Chinatown! We had only 1 hour so we had to find somewhere to eat very quickly. I don't remember the name of the restaurant >.<" I had curry beef stew with udon noodles and the bf had beef stew with rice. Let me tell you.. It was delicious! There were good pieces of beef with (a lot) of tender tendon, which you can't find easily in a beef stew in a restaurant. The taste wasn't too salty and the portion was perfect.

In the afternoon, after visiting museums we had free time in Time Square. Bf & I walked around a bit and kind of got lost..? LOL We were supposed to meet up with my other friends after visiting Ripley's believe it or not museum, but we didn't want to turn around and risk to get lost again trying to find them
 so we just walked. I really wanted to find a Victoria Secret so I took out my iphone and spotted a Victoria Secret. We walked to Manhattan Mall and DAMN it was a long way to walk hahaha! We finally made it and luckily we made it before 7pm because the mall was closing at 7pm! I was thought it was closing at 9pm?!? Anyways, after picking  a few stuff, we needed food so walked more. Manhattan Mall was next to Korea town, so we decided to have dinner there. I think that we never saw so much Korean restaurant in one place and it was so hard to pick! We finally went into Korea Spoon because we liked the decor inside LOL! I can't remember what we had, the waitress recommended us something and the bf just said "ok we'll have this" but it was... omg.. BEST KOREAN BBQ WE EVER HAD!! The staff are super friendly and helpful, they even cooked the meat for us! More pictures of the food in the 2nd post ;D But if you ever get the chance and you like Korean BBQ, it's a must try!

More to come soon... :D
Have you ever visited Manhattan? How was you experience?
See you guys soon <3


  1. Ah looks like you took one of those bus tours to NYC? I went on one to Toronto and absolutely despised their schedules >__<
    Oo I've never been on top of the Rockefeller Center or the Empire State, but the view does look amazing! Did you get to do any shopping? :P

  2. I'm happy you had a nice trip in the city :D Central Park is way more beautiful when you are actually inside the park! Looking forward to seeing part two of your trip!

  3.  Thank you! :D We didn't get the chance to walk in Central Park, but the bus driver was kind enough to pass by :D

  4. hahaha yes I took a bus tour XD Mine was pretty relax, we had a lot of free time so we weren't really on a rush.I did shop! But I bought way less things than I expected. It will be in the upcoming post :P

  5. wow! i'd love to visit manhattan someday.
    the food looks so good! <3

  6. We live in CT so we are not too far from NYC but we don't make the trip unless for special occasions. Its such a great place to explore!! 

  7. Sounds like you had a ton of fun on your trip! :) <3


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