Dior's Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence review

Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence

"What it is:

An intense, hydrating serum that boosts collagen for glowing, youthful skin. 

What it is formulated to do:
Achieve a beautiful, radiant complexion with this serum that provides luxurious hydration for 24 hours. The formula contains twice the amount of Hydra Life’s concentrated trio of plant extracts to ensure an intense flow of moisture is delivered to all layers of the skin. Added centella stimulates collagen production and black rose reinforces anti-oxidant protection for healthy skin you’ll love. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Paraben" (source: Sephora.com)

I bought this serum at the end of April 2012 and I have been using it since then. My skin became very dry and I needed deeper hydration that my daily moisturizer couldn't provide. I was searching through the wide selection of serum available on the market with three main criteria : intense hydration, anti-oxidant properties and won't break the bank. A lot of the serums were targeted toward anti-aging and didn't fit my budget. I asked for a sample of Dior's Hydra Life Skin Energizer (now discontinued) to try out because it fitted my criteria, but the the price was still high. When I decided to purchase it, Dior just came out with this new serum and was discontinuing the Skin Energizer. I didn't want to start using the Skin energizer, get used to it and then change serum again when I'll be finished because it's not on the market anymore so I purchased the new one instead.

I'm currently at my 3rd bottle and going for a 4th soon. It comes in a 30ml (1oz) very elegant glass pump bottle and retails for 65$CAN (56$US). It has a typical serum texture that doesn't lean of the sticky/tacky side. It's very light weight, absorbs into the skin very easily and doesn't leave any residue behind (ex: shiny skin). I like to wait a few minutes before applying my moisturizer to make sure that my skin absorbed everything but if you don't like waiting, you can go ahead and do your things, the product doesn't ball up on your face. If it does, it's probably because you used too much product and that your skin didn't have time to absorb everything. I use 1 pump and a half for my face and neck. I dot the product on the driest area on face and spread. The quantity I use may not seem to be a lot but it spreads easily.

I use this right after my cleanser (in summer) or my toner (in winter). My skin feels more supple and soft right after applying it. After the first week, my dry patches were gone and my overall complexion looked more even. I've been using it for 9 months now and I guess I can tell you the long term effect it had on my skin. First of all, my pores around my nose and on my forehead reduced a lot (it was dehydrated on these areas), my skin is way less oily, my complexion is much more even and radiant (natural dewy skin ftw!) and the redness on my cheeks/around my nose diminished significantly too. I'm not saying that this product in particular gave me all these results, no no no, because I'm using other products too, but I do think it played a major role in improving my skin.
Dior's Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence ingredients

Dior's Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence is now a staple in my daily routine because it gives my that little extra hydration that moisturizers can't give you. Serum penetrates deeper into your skin than moisturizer and if you have dehydrated skin, I would highly recommend adding this type of serum in your daily routine. As you can see, alcohol is listed as the 2nd ingredient but it didn't irritate or dry my skin out.

I hope you guys enjoyed!
See you soon


  1. thanks for sharing! I really would try this out~ ^_~

  2. this product sounds awesome! I really like serum type of moisturisers too.. I personally loved Vichy Thermale serum or Bioderma moisturising serums :) They all work really well too!


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