Project Make A Dent 2015!

I've seen this project going on for a while now on the blogsphere and I'm excited to announce that I'm jumping in the bandwagon too! I've been pretty good in 2014 and didn't hoard that much beauty products. Instead, I focused on finishing up products and reducing my stash of beauty products. Skincare items were fairly easy to go through. The challenging part is the makeup stash. Besides mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow primer, I hardly ever hit pan or manage to finish a makeup item.

I chose 5 products that has been sitting way too long on my shelves now. Let's take a quick look at them:

MAC POWDER BLUSH in MELBA: The only MAC blush that I ever owned! It's a warm peach/coral color with a matte finish. I think its nice shade for everyday use and warms up nicely the complexion, especially when you look as pale as Casper! I don't use blush on a daily basis, only if I'm going out or special occasions, that's why it has been neglected.

MAKE UP FOR EVER DUO MAT POWDER FOUNDATION in 202: First high end foundation that I bought eveer!! So umm.. it has been in my stash for way too long now and still have a long way to go to hit pan. *Guilty* It's a very finely pressed powder and the coverage can be built up. Oil control is quite amazing, but can look really flat mat.

CHANEL CC CREAM COMPLETE CORRECTION SPF 30 PA+++ in 20 BEIGE: Bought it last year but didn't used it more than 5x. Such a impulse buy, I was sucked into it because of it's physical sunblock (12% Titanium dioxide). I remember it as being quite thick, so I think it will do a good job on my drier skin this winter. I will be alternating between this and the MUFE powder.

NARS AND GOD CREATED THE WOMAN EYE PALETTE: I wear eyeshadow everyday, but I don't create elaborated looks. I simply swipe a champagne shadow color over my lid and top it off with eyeliner and mascara. It was my go to palette when I first got it but strayed away from it for some reasons. Time to step my eyeshadow game up! hahaha

DIOR SERUM DE ROUGE in 640 SOFT PINK: I love Serum de Rouge formula as it is very hydrating on my lips. I wrote a review here last year and my opinion on it remains the same. I didn't reached out a lot to this shade though because of the fine shimmers, contrarily to #455 that is constantly solicited. Nevertheless, the formula is perfect for winter and I don't want to throw it away. 

I'm starting out with a very humble stash because I don't use much makeup product daily and I want it to start this project the right way. Having only a few items will help at adding them progressively into my daily routine. I will keep you guys updated with the progress or any other change!

What kind of products takes you forever to finish?
Please share! :)


  1. this is such a cool project! I might have to start on something like this too! I have so much to get through in my stash!! :)

  2. I haven't heard about this project, I might just join you on it! Looking forward to what you do with all these products, especially the eyeshadow. Need some inspiration to step up my everyday game too :)

  3. Wow this sounds like such a neat idea! Eyeshadow is such a hard thing for me to make a dent in. Like you, I usually go with a simple eyeshadow look, so I end up ignoring other shades within a palette unless I go out for an event. Great post!

  4. I always wanted "melba" but somehow I always buy a different shade whenever I buy a mac blush.This is such a good project to do in order to avoid buying more makeup!

  5. Please share your products if you start the project! :)

  6. It's similar to project pan, it's just that you don't necessarily have to hit pan ;) I'll write a update in a few months to show you guys the progress :)

  7. Thank you! :) What's your go to eyeshadow?

  8. haha they have such a vast choice of color/texture/finish, I completely understand :P What's your favorite MAC blush?

  9. sounds like a great project, need to do something like this too but Im all over the place if it comes up to make up :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  10. The trick is to start with only a few products, so you can still use your other products ;) Followed you through your blog and bloglovin! Love it!


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