Winter essentiels: drugstore favorites!

Canadian winter, OH Canadian winter! WHY YOU SO HARSH? Every winter, my skin gets super dry and goes crazy (a.k.a eczema flare). I have to constantly rotate the products that I use depending on my skin's specific need, but here's a few that always stuck around (and will stick around all winter..)

CeraVe MOISTURIZING CREAM: I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers swear by it, but yet took me so long to try it. Why? I don't know, but I swear this moisturizer is not over-hyped. I had a good experience with a drugstore moisturizer containing ceramides (I can't remember the name and haven't seen it recently) so I bought the small tube for normal to dry skin to test it out. Now, it's my favorite day/night moisturizer. Here's the thing with drugstore moisturizers, I had a allergic reaction to 3 out of 5 of the ones that I purchased. Super itchy rash all over my face. It was not pleasant at all. Plus, drugstores return policy are not quite clear and the average customer service makes me reluctant to venture into this field. BUT! CeraVe moisturizing cream is love! It's not greasy at all, goes on matte and moisturizes your skin like no other! My skin feels really soft and no more dry patches! I'm definitely picking up the bigger size when I will be done with this or try the lotion one.

EUCERIN AQUAPHOR SKIN PROTECTANT OINTMENT (known as healing ointment too): Multitasking and great for my eczema flare! I know a lot of people will not be fond of the ingredients (petrolatum & mineral oil), but this helps my eczema so much! It doesn't ease the itchyness but it does a great job at keeping my skin hydrated and not scaly and oozing. The key at controlling my eczema (it differs from one person to another) is to avoid dry skin at all cost. Every winter, I get a eczema flare, most of the time it's only on my hands or a finger, like this year (and I hope it will not spread! I had a flare on my face a few winter ago and I was traumatized =/). Basically, I slather this on my affected area and within days, my skin is so much better! Since it's not dry anymore, it's less prone to itchyness which means no need of topical corticosteroid (apply it only as a last resort)! I use it as a night lip balm too and works wonderfully and I heard some people use it to soften rough skin on elbows and knees..

EUCERIN INTENSIVE LIP BALM: My HG lip balm! I always have it on me and it makes my lips so soft and plumped! A little goes a long way so expect that little tub to last you a while.. Great as a lip mask too :)

NIVEA SMOOTH REPLENISHING: Holy Grail Body Lotion. Enough said. I always come back to this gem after many years and I can't even count the number of bottles I went through. The texture is spot on: not too thick, not too thin and absorbs like a dream. The best part? It leaves my skin baby smooth and healthy!! It has a very fresh clean scent but it's very faint and doesn't linger for long. I can say it performed better than the few pricier body butter/lotion/cream that I tried.

What's your favorite drugstore product? 
Please share!


  1. I *love* the Eucerin Lip Balm, too! I keep one in my office drawer. Works like a charm. I'll make sure to try these other products.
    I think our winters are similar. I live in MN, and I'm worried that our winter will extend all they way till April/May again.

  2. I need these all to fight the winter! lol Where did u buy your Cerave? It's my favourite moisturizer so far but my Pharmaprix is always out of stock. :( Their cleanser also performs well!

  3. The nivea lotion is one of my FAVS! I have a bottle at my boyfriend's place too! Lately, I've been using the Jergens shea butter and it's not too bad either. :)

  4. Eucerin Lip balm is such a life saver! Tried so many balms but never found one that I really liked until this came in my life haha :) Stay warm!

  5. I must try Palmer's! I heard great things about it!

  6. I bought mine at Jean-Coutu! Did you check the acne shelves in the pharmacy? Sometimes they are placed near there for some reasons and yes their cleanser is great too! Very gentle :)

  7. *high 5* :D I never tried Jergens.. It's on my list now :)

  8. Oh yay! You started back up on your blog! I'm so late on this, sorry! I'm currently living under a rock. I look forward to future posts to come :)

  9. Yes! :D I'm still reading yours! ;)


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