Blogsale updated + mini skincare haul!

Good evening everyone! It's 11:28pm right now in Montreal and I'm heading to work soon. I'll be working from midnight to 8am the next morning. My first sleepless night ever! I hope I won't fall asleep at work ><"

Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know that I updated my blog sale. LOL.

And of course share with you guys some new stuff I got for my bi-polar skin. Extreme weather made my skin gone crazy again. We've been struck by a lot of heat and humidity lately going up to 43 degrees.

What I've got is from the Skyn Iceland brand, available at Sephora. I bought their 5 days detox kit for stressed skin & their Pure Cloud Cream which is a moisturizer. I've been having some red itchy patches again on my cheeks again lately and my old faithful La Roche Posay Toleriane fluid failed on me (it worked last time!) so I  had to find something that would calm my skin down. I've tried Avene too but it failed. :( I've been using this pure cloud cream for now 2 days and I've seen already some improvement! I'll write a full review on the products a little later because it's still too soon to give any verdict yet (I think).

Anyways I know this post was very short.
I wanted it to be short and sweet =P
No seriously it's because I have to go to work.
And... there's nothing else I want to say...
Ha! Have a good night everyone :)


  1. hope the creme calms your skin fully down!! i know the feeling.

    lots of love

  2. Hope these products work for you! =) And I hope you have a good night too!! =D

  3. I bought that detox kit right when Skyn Iceland first came to Sephora. I have to say, I REALLY HATED IT! xD The tingling effects were so strong, I felt like I had put toothpaste on my entire face! Really dried out my skin quite badly. I think there was ONE product in that kit that was OK, but I don't remember which.

    Please use with caution if you have sensitive skin! :)

  4. OoOo I'm interested to see how those products work on you! :D Updated blog sale??? Ahh! I'm on my shopping ban right now... :( lol! :P

  5. Yay for skincare! Hehehehe.
    I would have totally picked up the Laneige essence... but I'm running on broke these days sigh*

  6. It's great that your new skincare works on you! Can't wait for the review :)
    Oops, why are the updates not showing on your dashboard? Hope it will fix soon :D Thank you for your lovely comments too! :)


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