*PICTURE HEAVY* Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm review + Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick #174 sheer rose swatch + FOTDs Ready to glow!

Hi everyone! Already July! Time has pass by so quickly! It's so hot today here in Montreal, we're hitting the 40 degrees with humidity. So today I'll be reviewing Dior's Lip glow color reviver balm, showing you swatches of their High shine lipstick in #174 and a FOTD.

Lets start by the lip glow reviver balm.

What it says : "A color-awakening lip balm with SPF 10. Dior Addict Lip Glow responds to the color chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is uniquely yours. Smooth it on to moisturize, add sun protection, and enhance your natural lip color." (Source: Sephora.com)

Dior products gets me weak. haha. Ever since I bought one of their High shine lipstick, I've been hooked on their products. I bought this because I wanted a lippie with SPF for summer and also something that would give me just a little tint of color to my lips. I came across this product and it turned out out be exactly what I wanted. Dior's Lip glow color reviver balm packaging is the same as their addict high shine lipstick except for the color (this one is pink). It got SPF 10 and the product is pink too. I find that it has a light vanilla scent to it which is very pleasant. Like the description said, the product responds to the chemistry of YOUR lips. So don't expect to have the same lip color as another person, who used the same product. I've seen a few swatches on other people and some of them turned out to be fushia, other soft pink and etc.. Mine turns a red/pink that is hard to describe. LOL. It made me think of Smashbox's o-gloss, which reacts with the chemistry of your lips too but it's a gloss. The finish of this balm is glossy, but not sticky. The SA told me that the more layer you put, the more vibrant the color is. I've tried it and it is true. I can say that this is quiet long lasting, even after eating & drinking, the color is still here but not the glossy effect. My lips does feel hydrated too. 
Here's a swatch on my hand. The color that appears on my hand isn't the same color that appears on my lips. 

What I like <3 :
  • It had SPF 10 (it's not  a lot but still)
  • Light vanilla scent
  • Convenient package & travel friendly
  • Buildable shade
  • Hydrating
  • Not sticky
 What I don't like
  • can't think of anything... yet. hahaha =P

Packaging: 5/5 Travel friendly & mess free!
Quality: 4.8/5 Wish it's a little more hydrating
Price: Paid 35$CAD (28$US)
Scent: 4.8/5 Light vanilla scent that I don't find unpleasant (I usually don't like vanilla scent)
Would I repurchase? Yup! It's a product that I use sparingly so I think the tube will last me forever lol :)

Now let's move on to the Addict High Shine swatch!! I've already made a review before (click here) so I will only show you guys some swatches & comparison. I've finally found the #174 sheer rose color! I was so happy because I just couldn't find it anywhere loll! 
I love love love the #174 one! It's the perfect baby pink tone that I've been searching for. :)

I've picked up the latest Dior eyeshadow quint from their summer 2010 collection in Ready-to-Glow. I'm head over heels with the grey color. xD This is my second Dior palette and I prefer this one to the other. I find it more pigmented and I like the iridescent finish.

Here's my FOTD (from a while ago but oh well LOL) with the Ready-to-glow palette
What I've used:
- Mac Studio Finish concealer SPF 35 in NW 20 (not shown)
- UDPP eye primer (not shown)
- Dior eyeshadow quint in Ready-To-Glow
- L'oreal extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner
- Maybelline Falsies mascara in blackest black
- Anastasia brow ex-press
- Shu uemera lash curler
- Shiseido Perfect rouge glowing matte lipstick in PK224 Sugarbabe 

Hoe you guys enjoyed! :D


  1. That's a cool idea..to have a lip change by the chemistry of our lips. Thanks for the swatches.

  2. Dior products looks so pretty! That's a cool idea. Hmm wonder what color it would be for me lol Must save up for it and see for myself :P

    Thanks for the swatches!

  3. You look simply divine! :D I'm lemming that Shiseido lippie now ~

  4. @Kristie: My pleasure dear! I hope you liked your package! ;D

    @Mandy: That's what I like from this product, you can't have the same shade as someone else XD

    @Miss Wiggle: Awn Thank you!! I'll be doing a review on this lippie soon! (hopefully this week haha)

  5. Thanks for the review! You got me interested with the Lip Glow now :D
    Very pretty FOTD~

  6. thank you for the review and swatches dear :) i've been lemming for the lip glow for the longest time! luckily my friend is giving me one! i cannot wait to get it!

    your fotd is so cute, the colors really suit you, AND you're making me want to get that dior quint too!!! >:)

  7. I wanted to get this but its a bit pricey but i did try it on at sephora and loved it. Great review and swatches. :D

  8. I like the addict high shine! Oh and your eye makeup is so pretty! V natural but really nice <3

  9. A very pretty fotd look!

    I have the same dior lip glow - i think tints me lips quite a bit but love it when im on the go :D

  10. Wow Saline your eyes look pretty! Those Dior products have such nice packaging! I want to go to the makeup counter and try that lip balm now!

  11. You look so pretty! Glow is such a gorgeous pink shade.

    Your eyes are so pretty. I love the Dior shadows on you :D

  12. Thanks for your review of the lip glow. Last time I was at Sephora, they were out of stock. Now I want to rush to my sephora and it up because its so gorgeous :P

  13. That's such a pretty color lipgloss!

  14. Can you do a review for the Maybelline falsies mascara? I don't know if I should buy it or not .. I love your blog!♥

  15. OMG I love the #174 high shine lipstick!!! Gotta try it out one time and see how it looks like on my lips.


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