Shiseido Perfect rouge glowing matte lipstick in PK224 Sugarbabe review

Holaaaa everyone! How's summer? Okay so today I'll be making a review on Shiseido's Perfect rouge glowing matte lipstick in PK224 Sugarbabe.

What it claims : "An ultra-smooth and moisturizing lipstick that imparts delicate, soft color.What it does: The velvety, matte texture of this rouge envelops lips in a natural, semi-transparent color. The long-lasting formula contains nourishing ingredients to moisturize the lips." (source from 

I bought this for a while now at a Shiseido counter. I instantly fell for this color when I saw this. It reminds me of the tulips haha. It's a very sheer lipstick, and like the name says, it has a mat finish. I've never had a mat lipstick before so I can't compare, but this lippie goes on well but not as smooth as a cream lippie. If you have dry lips, it will emphasize them and have a hard gliding onto your lips. So make sure to have smooth lips prior using this lipstick. However, it doesn't dry out my lips but left them perfectly hydrated. I find this shade very flattering for summer. It gives you a pop of color without being "too cute" or "too dramatic". Plus, it's long lasting!! I'm someone that eats & drink a lot so unless you ALWAYS wipe your mouth and real hard, it should last quiet a bit (it lasted 4-5 hours for me) Moving on to the swatches!

What I like <3
  • nice color & finish
  • no scent
  • moisturizing even thought it's a matte finish
  • long lasting
 What I don't like
  • aluminum/metal package, makes a grinding teeth noise when I open/close the cap

  • emphasize the dry skin on lips 

  • Final Rating:

    Packaging: 4/5 Nice package but makes a grinding teeth noise 
    Product: 4.5/5 Wish it would glide *a bit* more smoothly :)
    Price: 4.5/5 It's Shiseido after all.. lol
    Scent: no scent!
    Would I repurchase? Yes, but only for summer. My lips are way too dry in winter for this :)


    1. Looks like a nice summery color. Thanks for the review and swatches. Does it have any smell to it?

    2. Yay for the review! I was always curious about Shiseido lipsticks :) But i'm glad it's a good buy. It does look very moisturizing when swatched. I've seen some lipsticks that require "warming up" to glide easier.

    3. I love love love the shiseido perfect rouge line. (I got a little sample a while ago.) I really like how smooth it is, but I agree that it is best to use a lip balm as a base.^0^

    4. Ooh! The colour is super pretty!

    5. The shade is really pretty! I love long lasting lippie :)

    6. OoOo!! Thats a really pretty color!!

    7. It is a pretty color :) I didn't know they made lipstick!

    8. I loooooove shiseido - the lipstick is such a pretty color, wish I could see it on the lips! :)

    9. i like that color! and sheer is always good because it gives room for layer ^___^


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