Bobbi Brown's Oil control lotion SPF 15 review

Hello ladies! It's me again :)

Today I will review Bobbi Brown's Oil control lotion SPF 15. I've been searching for a good moisturizer with SPF to cut off some steps in my morning routine. Sun protection became part of my routine for a few months now after realizing how important it is + it's the best prevention to wrinkles and sun spots =P.

There were so many selections but I was searching for something light & fast absorbing. A lot of moisturizers with spf were rather thick and targeted towards more mature skin. After researching and reading a lot of reviews on MUA, I finally settled on Bobbi Brown's Oil control lotion.

What it claims : "Ideal for normal-to-oily and combination skins. Oil Control Lotion SPF 15 is a lightweight, hydrating formula that keeps skin looking smooth and shine-free. Provides a soft matte finish and ensures smooth makeup application." (Source:
This product is a bit hard to describe.. It feels like a very liquidy/runny thick lotion but that absorbs well but might feel a tad heavy if you apply too much. A little bit goes a long way since it spreads really well and my skin doesn't feel dry or tight but moisturized even if it says "oil control" (I have normal skin atm with a slight shiny t-zone). I'm pretty happy with the oil control properties but I have doubts it would actually work for people with super oily skin. It didn't clogged my pores even though there's dimethicone in it. I've had a hard time to find the ingredient list though! It's not marked anywhere the ingredients which I find it weird.. I had to search online, but even there I only had the first ingredients.. Anyways.
I bought this back in May (getting ready for summer hehe) but it was still a bit chilly around here. It worked wonder for the first few days but then I started to develop a red patch on my cheek and my eczema returned. I was pretty sure it's the avobenzone that caused the irritation so I stopped using it and it went back into my drawer. I replaced my moisturizer by Caudalie quenching sorbet targeted toward sensitive skin and it healed a few days later. I used some products with avobenzone before and I would get the same eczema patch each time.

Now that it's a lot more warmer, I restarted to use this and it was pretty good until I had the same reaction again a few days later :( Itchy little bumps appeared so I guess it will end up in my upcoming blogsale :(

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