Finished products of July 2011

Hello beauties!

Wow time flew by so quickly, we're already in mid-august! I can't believe that I'll be starting school next monday!

Since I didn't write a post on my finished products of June (which I didn't have haha), here I am with the empties of the month of July!

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream
I loved using this product! It really lives up to it's claim : soothing. It's intended for babies for it doesn't mean we can use it right? =P Since it's for babies, I told myself that maybe it's way more gentle. It's a very thick cream but easy to spread. It  doesn't leave a greasy residue and takes some times to absorb but once it sinks it, your skin is truly baby soft! The moisturizing abilities surprised me so it's a winner for me! I'll repurchase this in winter for sure because I find it a bit too much for summer. I use it on my legs before going to bed :)

Aveeno Eczema Care Body Wash
 I found this body was way too heavy for my skin. I think it would be suitable for people who have very dry skin all over their body. While using this, I noticed that my eczema on my skin calmed down. Other than that, I wouldn't purchase it again.

Biore Pore Minimizing Refining Exfoliator
 I have this product since forever? hahaha I finally managed to finish it. I love the scent but I can only use it once a week because my skin is way too sensitive. My pores do appear smaller and my skin is left perfectly smooth! If  I use it more than once a week, patches of eczema will appear.  

Fruits & Passion foaming exfoliator
I bought this when I was working there and it didn't impress me. It's like a gel type with what it seems liek sand to me lol. I hated the scent and I didn't find that it did much at exfoliating my foot. Plus, it's wasn't foamy! 

Aquafina Lipbalm
 Current HG, super moisturizing, not waxy & cheap! Enough said =P

Satin Care sensitive skin shave gel
I've been using this for the longest time! Actually, I think it's the only one I use because it's gentle enough for my eczema prone dry skin legs. It doesn't make my skin itchy or anything =) I'm too chicken to use another one that is not targeted toward sensitive skin, I have enough eczema scar on my leg!

That's pretty much it! For some reason, I can't wait to start school again so I can get out of my *lazy* mode. All I did this summer was work, work, work! I am waaaay too tired afterwards and all I do is slacking off haha.

See you guys soon!

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