Sponsored review : KKcenterHK's ES (A63) 10 Pairs Clear Band Short Natural Fake Lashes!

Bonjour les beautés!!

How are ya'll doing? I'm super excited today because I'm finally posting my review on KKcenterHK's ES (A63) 10 Pairs Clear Band Short Natural Fake Lashes that the company sent my a while ago for reviewing purpose.
The company contacted me back in June and after a few e-mails exchanged, they sent out the product. At that time, Canada post was having a strike so every mail & packages were delayed and it finally arrived in mid-july. They are very effective at answering my emails and professional. :)

I had the choice to choose the type of lashes that I wanted to try so I decided to settle on those :
 (Please don't take note of the first row, I trimmed and tried them, explaining why they are a little bit different)

I didn't want anything too dramatic, but something that would be more versatile and wearable for a everyday look and that would add just a little extra something. Plus, I'm a not really a fake eyelashes wearer because it takes me way too much time to put them on LOL! I only wear them for special occasions like a wedding or fancy parties.

It comes in a black box with 10 pairs. The glue is not included so you can use your favorite one! It has a clear band and the lash itself is pretty long so it's suitable for all eye shape and you can trim it depending on your liking. The clear band is malleable so it's pretty easy to work with and with the appropriate glue, it holds very well. As you can see below, I trimmed my pair of lashes for a even more natural look. The lashes doesn't feel stiff or "too fake".

I'm pretty happy with the results it gives me, it looks natural but with that extra "wow" factor. See the difference (click on the pictures to enlarge):
1st picture: my natural lashes with mascara
2nd picture: with the false eyelashes

I think it's a great for pictures because it makes your eyes appear bigger =P I guess it's obvious which side is my natural lashes and which side I added the eyelashes hehehe.

Also, the most important thing, they don't feel heavy on your eyes. I've tried other lashes before and for some reasons, I could feel the weight of it on my eyelid and it was really annoying. I would recommend using dark colored glue because even though it's a clear band, we can it if you take a closer look. 

The best part of it? It's super afforadable!
*Please note that I don't receive any form of money compensation or any advantages if you click or buy their products*

I hope you guys liked my post!
See you around!

(Please note that this is a sponsored review but it doesn't influence my honest opinion in any ways. I don't get any kind of monetary compensations or any kind or advantage from KKcenterHK.)

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