Naruko reviews: face night gelly and eye cream

 What is claims: "NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly is a mask with a water-like gel texture; it is lightweight and not sticky. The night gelly contains a high concentration of serum to nourish the skin overnight and to improve the skin's self-repairing capabilities. The Total Defense Night Gelly contains highly effective moisturizing ingredients that work together to create the perfect hydration barrier to keep skin moisturized. The night gelly also contains ingredients that brighten the skin and prevents melanin formation." (Source:

My thoughts: This reminds me of Laneige's water sleeping pack. However, I wouldn't use this alone because I don't find it hydrating enough - it actually seals in all the products you've applied. The texture is very light weight and it feels like it's water that had been trapped in a gel form. I noticed the best results when I would pair this with the Rose & Snow fungus aqua cubic complex (see review here) or Kiehl's midnight concentrate. The next morning, my skin is baby soft and glowing! It's important to know that night gelly are not a moisturizer itself. A little bit goes a long way so a jar of this should last you a long time! On a scale on 5, I would give this a 4.8 =)

What it claims: "NARUKO Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream brightens up your dark eye contour. It is readily blended and absorbed eye care that works effectively to reduce the appearance of dark circles thanks to the perfect combination of Regu-Age, Ellagic Acid Filling Spheres, Sun’er Complex and Phytoferulin®. It also enables a all-rounded hydrating treatment to eye contour for a line-less and flawless appearance." (Source:

My thoughts: I'm not a eye cream fan, but I feel the need to include one in my skincare routine so it feels "complete". I DO need eye cream, the skin under my eyes is dry and I did notice some fine lines (due to slight dryness?) and light dark circles. The product is very light and my skin absorbs it very quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind. However, it didn't do much to my skin. It moisturizes temporarily and I didn't notice any brightening effect or whatsoever to diffuse the shadows/light dark circles (because no cream in the world can get rid of dark circles! Yet..). It's not moisturizing enough to keep the fine lines due to dryness away, even with a daily usage in the morning and night. I would say that it's a very basic eye cream, but it doesn't deliver the result for "my not-so-demanding" needs. On a scale of 5, I would give this a 3. I love the packaging though! =P

I hope that my series of Naruko review were helpful!
I enjoyed using this brand because it is very gentle for my semi-sensitive skin and it's not packed of "cones" and other weird chemical ingredients. =)
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  1. Their eye jellys are interesting! :P Great review! I also like that it has good ingredients... none of that coney stuff ;) haha

  2. I have the same eye cream and totally agree with you! It is okay but nothing to go jump and scream about...I do really like the eye gelly though!
    Now I'm really interested in getting myself the face gelly :D Are you going to try the other ones as well?

  3. I want to try their eye gelly! But I don't find it a necessity for the moment so I only stick to eye cream =P

  4.  I might try the eye gelly one day but it's not for now xD I ordered 2 Naruko moisturizing cream! :D (Tea tree oil cut hydrator and the Rose & Snow fungus cubic aqua complex moisturizer :D)


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