Naruko serum reviews! (Narcissus, Tea Tree Oil + Rose & Snow fungus line)

What it claims: "NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum is a fundamental care product that delivers hydrating, vitalizing and anti-aging benefits. It readily absorbs and improves skin from inside out, resulting in a healthier looking appearance and stronger defense. It is recommended to use the product within 6 months of opening." (Source:

My thoughts: This is the first serum that I use after the toners. I didn't notice much hydration when used alone or any improvements of my complexion but it does help the following products absorb better. It sinks into my skin very quickly and doesn't leave residue on my skin or make it shiny. I wouldn't repurchase this one since it doesn't do much to my skin.On a scale of 5, I would give a 3.5.

What it claims: "NARUKO Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum acts as an invisible oil absorbing sheet to keep skin ungreasy and to regulate oil production while hydrating the skin. Formulated with the leaves of tea tree and mint and Piroctone Olamine, the Balancing Serum calms and prevents acne formation. Ingredients witch hazel, vitamin B5, Tranexamic acid, and peptides, calm, repair, brighten, tighten the skin and prevent pigmentation caused by acne. Plant essential oils help keep the skin feeling fresh all day. Additionally, the Balancing Serum helps tighten pore and stop the formation of blackheads." (Source:

My thoughts: I was drawn to this serum because it claimed to balance the skin. I would only use this on my forehead and the area around my nose. This actually did what it claimed and at the end of the day, I would notice only a slight dewiness, that doesn't look shiny, around my nose. I also use it as a spot treatment and my pimples (small red pimples, I rarely get cystic acne nowdays) would be flatten out within a few days. I highly recommend this serum to people with oily skin or combo-skin that are acne-prone, espcially if salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are too harsh for your skin. On a scale of 5, I would give a 4.8.

 What it claims: "NARUKO Rose & Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex is a serum that is formulated with highly moisturizing, firming, and anti-aging ingredients. Snow Fungus Extract and CE booster penetrate deeply into the skin and effectively deliver moisture. These ingredients also repair the skin while locking in moisture and maintaining healthy skin. The serum restores the skin's elasticity and smoothens the skin. The serum also uses the most advanced microcapsule technology for Vitamin A and E to form a highly effective moisturizing and firming formula. The serum creates an invisible, moisturizing barrier on top of the skin to prevent dryness, dullness, aging, and large, rough pores. Skin feels hydrated, smooth and nourished all day long." (Source:

My thoughts: This is hand downs my favorite serum out of the three that I bought. It plumps my skin and it's very refreshing. I usually don't like rose scented products because they smell too artificial. but this one smells really nice and not artificial at all. It keeps my skin hydrated all day and improved my complexion, the skin on my forehead is smoother and less dehydrated (it gets oily because it's dehydrated). My skin is also much more softer, supple and has a natural dewiness! Overall, my skin looks very healthy! =D However, don't apply too much at once because it's going to take a while for it to sink into your skin. I find that 2 - 3 drops is the perfect amount for my face and neck. I highly recommend this to all skin type! <3

To sum up:
Packaging: 4.8/5  Very sanitary, easy to use and you can control the amount you use, but when you reach the bottom, you have to pour it out!
Price: around 23$ each on
Would I repurchase? Yes, but only the Rose & Snow fungus aqua cubic complex. The Tea Tree Oil should last me quiet a while x)

I hope you guys enjoyed!
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  1. I had a hard time deciding which serum to try but this helps a lot! I think I'd go for the tea tree oil one first! Do you think the rose & snow fungus would be too much for oily skin in the spring/summer?

  2. I would tend to say yes, but if you have very oily skin and can't tolerate any moisturizer because it makes your skin too shiny in summer, this can be a very good alternative :)

  3. Will have to try the Rose and Snow fungus one now!! :) thanks for your reviews as always =D

  4. Yay so glad to hear that the Rose one is good. Now I can't wait to open mine =) I'm almost done my other serums.

  5. The rose&snow serums seems pretty interesting! I hope I get to try this too! thanks for sharing ^_^~

  6. Great review! The Rose and Snow Fungus cream sounds so promising! Thanks for sharing.

  7. *Cheer* Go Nat goo!! You can finish your other serums :D Can't wait to see what you think about the Rose & Snow fungus serum :)

  8. Ahhh Im so happy that you did this review! I am looking for a (naruko) serum at the moment as I am using the whole Narcissus Total Defense line. I feel like its not doing much to my skin! I mean... its alright and i like how mild the products are but i definitely need more hydration. Rose & Snow Fungus serum might be it! :D Thanks so much for the in-depth reviews!

  9. My pleasure ^_^ If you try the Rose & Snow fungus line, let me know your feedbacks! :D


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