Chanel Hydramax + Active moisture gel cream review

Chanel Hydramax + Active active moisture gel cream
"Normal skin. Active moisture gel cream for the face. Intense hydration + softness." as stated on the box. I apologize, I can't find the pamphlet anymore and this product is being discontinued so I couldn't include the full description of the product. I'm also sorry that it took me so long to write a review on this, I never thought that this line would be discontinued =\.

Even though the Hydramax + active line is getting replaced by the HydraBeauty line, I thought it would be interesting to (finally) write a review on it. I'm currently finishing my 2nd jar of the active moisture gel cream and I finally came to the conclusion that I share a love/hate relationship with this.

The products comes in a jar which includes a spatula. It's a light blue color silky gel cream that smells absolutely divine and spreads on easily. Since it's a gel-cream, it doesn't get absorbed as fast as a lotion or gel but it doesn't leave a shiny residue after application. Once it has sunk into my skin, it leaves it very soft and hydrated. However, I must wait for it to sink in before applying sunscreen or else it will ball up. There was a lapse of time where I did use in morning and night. It didn't leave my face shiny or make it oilier by the day. When used overnight, I would wake up with very soft skin. However, it doesn't moisturize my skin enough in those rough and freezing winter days. Depending on the days, my skin would react mildly to it by being itchy on my jawline (it's the most sensitive part of my skin) but nothing more. Despite the alcohol in it, it didn't dry my skin out. It didn't cause any breakouts or milia too.

The reason why I share a love/hate relationship with this it's because it makes my skin incredibly soft and hydrated but the price I pay for a list of ingredients full of "cones" makes me reluctant to continue using this. This product does quench my skin and make it look healthy but I would like to look into more "natural" products and cut down on the "cones" and especially alcohol on my skincare products. Chanel's Hydramax + active gel cream was a pleasure to use, but I wouldn't repurchase. It retailed for 76$ Canadian dollar and I heard that the new Hydrabeauty line is a bit more expensive too.

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  1. This seems like a nice product but the price is really a big con on my side. I've been searching for a nice hydrating cream that doesn't oil up and this seems like a nice choice. But again, the price is something I need to think it over and over again, hehe~ Thanks for sharing! ^_^~

  2. I've been trying to get away from products with 'cones too but this hasn't been easy so I just settle for those with less of it.  :P  Hope you find a cream that is cone-free and works for you  :)

  3.  I hope you find a nice hydrating cream that suits your skin soon! It's so important to have a good moisturizer ;)

  4.  Thanks! :D But I think it's going to be extremely hard to find something cone free!


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