Finished products of April 2012

Hi guys!
I have more empties to share with you guys!! Don't worry, my monthly favorites video will follow soon! (If anyone still watches my video.. hehehe)

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra intense soothing care
I was lucky enough to win one of these full size bottles when La Roche Posay held a giveaway a few months back. This product is formulated to suit the most sensitive skin by being completely sterile and sealed in a airless bag inside the sterile pump bottle. There's a special mechanism in the pump so that the bacteria and other foreign stuff doesn't get into the product inside. It has a comfortable thickness to it, but it's not rich. I think that the main purpose of this cream is not too moisturize, but to comfort and calm the skin. It really saved my skin on those bad skin days - were my eczema patches appeared again or when I used a wrong product and it would itch my skin like crazy. I felt like it didn't absorb or sit on my skin completely - it was a little bit of both on the drier parts of my face, but on the part that tends to get oily - it just sat there and quickly became greasy. Like I said, I didn't feel any moisturizing benefit from it, but more a bad skin day comforter. I would recommend this to people with normal to very dry skin, but especially for those who has the most sensitive skin. I wouldn't purchase this because my skin isn't THAT sensitive.

Tsubaki Head Spa shampoo and conditioner
I heard rave reviews about this haircare line and decided to give it a try. It lathers super well and has that very flowery scent that I didn't liked much. At the first use, my hair were shiny and super soft. But that was it. After a few times, my hair started to feel very heavy and flatten out. The scent would linger through my hair and honestly, it made me sick. The scent was too sweet and chemical I couldn't bare it. I have straight fine asian hair, but lots of them, and I knew that it was the silicone in the shampoo and conditioner that was weighing my hair down. I could feel some build-up on my scalp too - and thrust me, I made sure to rinse my hair out very thoroughly each time so I didn't understand! So I stopped using it and switched to my beloved clarifying shampoo. I didn't want to waste so much product so I would use it from time to time and I`m so glad that I was able to finally finish it! I wouldn't repurchase.

Clean and Clear soothing eye makeup remover
I don`t know how many bottles I went through anymore and how many times it was featured in my empties posts haha. Favorite eye makeup remover, enough said :)

Kiehl's powerful-strength line reducing concentrate
You can read the review here. I`m using the full size bottle now and I've reduced it to using only once a week because my skin had became too sensitive.It helped to improve my skin's texture a lot and the bumpy areas - such as my forehead - are more smooth and even now :)

Naruko Rose and Snow fungus aqua cubic complex
I have a review for this too! As much as I liked this product, it didn't "mixed" well with my other skincare products. I noticed that when I would use this with my Chanel hydramax + active gel-cream, my jawline would itch like crazy, but when I use these 2 products separately, they would work totally fine. Even though it hydrated pretty well my skin, I think it didn't attack the main problem - dehydrated skin. I would recommend this for people with dry skin but not people with dehydrated skin. Would I repurchase? No because it doesn't target my main problem.

Naruko Total defense fundamental serum
You can click on the same link as the previous product to see the review. I felt like this product didn't do much to my skin, except making other products sink into the skin faster and better. I didn't notice any difference and I always had to use another serum with this. At least I finished it! =P

What are your empties for the last month? Please share! :D


  1. I'm so boring with my skin care - been using the same products for years... So fun that you get to try new products

  2. Mizuhashi SakuraMay 3, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Always loved Tsubaki products i use them quite alot!
    Great post Will have to try the Naruko Rose & Snow Fungas i think!

  3. interesting how some products work so well together and other not so much. Great mini reviews going there!

  4. Aww that's too bad the Tsubaki products didn't work out for you. I had heard so many rave reviews on their haircare products too. 

  5.  I wish I was able to stick to the same skin care routine but it's so hard to find the right product :(

  6.  Aw I wish it did work out for me too!

  7. I guess it doesn't suit my hair type :(


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