La Roche-Posay Ceralip lip repair cream review

What it claims: "Reconstitutes severely dry, chapped lips and can be used after medical treatments. Restores skin comfort.

Dry, sensitive lips. 
Severe alterations, including after medical treatments.

The lips are repaired, comfortable and soft again." (Source:

To start off, my lips are always dry and flaky in winter. Plus, I have a really bad habit of biting my lips and drinking not enough water so it makes it worse. When the weather is warmer, they are not flaky but I can feel that it's dry. I tried out a lot of drugstore lip balm (eos, nivea, labello, soft lips.. you name it) but none were able to make them flakes disappear (even though I exfoliate and apply lip balm) and keep my lips moisturized. Out of the bunch, only two winner remained (I will discuss these products in another post). 

One day, La Roche-Posay Ceralip appeared into my life. It comes in a 15mL/0.5 oz tube with a slanted end and a twist cap.  I find it travel friendly and easy to use. Since the slanted end is plastic, I prefer to take a little product with my finger and then apply it to my lips.

Even though it says it's a lip cream, I find that the texture is more like a melting gel. It smooths out beautifully on your lips and it no thick at all. It's not sticky, doesn't feel greasy, waxy or silicone like. It literally melts into your lips like serum! It doesn't leave a shiny/glossy finish either! There's a slight sheen right after application, but nothing too obvious.

Upon application, my lips felt immediately soothed. It smooths out your lips, but doesn't plump them. The dry flakes on my lips are soften after a few minutes, so it's easier to remove with a light exfoliation. There's no scent, it's tasteless and it did prevent dry flakes on my lips. It stays on a decent amount of time if you don't eat, I would say about 1h30 on me. I think that it works as a great lipstick base too (especially under matte lipstick formula!) At night, I would apply a thicker layer and I would wake up with super soft lips! No need to exfoliate before applying lipstick :)

What is your favorite lip balm?
See you guys soon!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was provided by the company for consideration but doesn't affect my opinion in any ways. My review is 100% honest and I do not receive any form of compensation. 


  1. this sounds nice! i haven't found a good lip balm that really heals my dry lips yet

  2. I hope you'll find one that heals your dry lips! I hate it when my lips are dry :(


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