Little updates + what's coming up!

Helloo lovelies!

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you guys know that I will not blog for the next 2 weeks because of school. I have papers + assignments due this week and then I have my finals the week after!! I'm still available though to answer your emails/questions/comments/tweets and you can follow me on instagram too :)

My next post will be a review on L'Oreal colour caress wet shine stain! I know you probably heard so much stuff on it but I wanted to add my little grain of salt too ;). Plus, I've been searching for ideas for a new video! What type of videos you guys would like to see? Makeup organisation? Outfit videos? Please share! :D

By the way, have you seen my latest video?

See you guys soon!


  1. Good luck on your papers & exams!
    My finals aren't for another month. Dreading when they come :X

    I would love to see one on your makeup organization :D

  2. aww, we'll miss you but no worries I'll wait for your comeback once your over with those crazy projects ^_~

  3. Thank you! I hope everything is well at your new job! ^_^


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