Let me introduce myself & annoucement!! + love packagee! =D

Hi everyone! Yeah I know, I went missing again. Well, I wasn't really missing.. I was just really busy lol even though I'm supposed to be on my summer vacations now. I have now 2 summer jobs and it's more challenging than I thought it would be.

I've realized that I'm quiet a anonymous blogger. Well.. You know my blog name, you know my face, but a lot of you don't know my real name, my age and my soon-to-be career, except for the few ones that I met. If knowing me doesn't interest you, you can skip this paragraph. =) Personally I like to get to know the people that shares the same "passion" as me hehe~. So.. let me introduce myself. My name is Saline, I'm 19 turning 20 6 days before Christmas. Yess I'm a December baby! =D I'm currently studying nursing in a french college, 1 years and a half before I graduate! I can work right after my graduation but I plan to go to university in order to acquire more knowledge. I'm the kind of girl that loves challenges, that's why I choose to be a nurse and hold on tight to my 2 summer jobs. hahaha ;) I'm asian. Pretty obvious no? =P Beside english, I can speak french, cantonese, "chao zhou" (chew chow/teochew however you spell it) and mandarin but I'm chinese blind haha!! Well.. I can read chinese because my parents sent me to chinese school when I was younger, but don't expect to read a newspaper. I'm presently working as a supervisor in a Dairy Queen (only ice cream in Quebec! I love ice milk, because DQ serves ice milk!) and doing my internship at a Hospital near my house. Phew. That's a lot of information! Any questions? ;D 

Now for the annoucement! I'll be giving out 2 prizes instead of one! I know it's pretty last minute (giveaway ends in approx. 30 mins) but I made it on purpose lol =P. When I started blogging, I said to myself that I would make a giveaway when I'll reach 50, 150, 200 and 500 followers and continuing... But wow, it literally jumped from 50 to 213 in less than a month! Thank you so much to all of you guys! So here's the 2nd prize!

Finishing off my post with some packagee filled with loveeeeee that I received for the past week :

Sophia and I had a swap! She got me the infamous NYX lipstick, the black label one in Heiress and the jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Slate! I absolutely adoreeeee this lipstick! It's so moisturizing and so creamy! I'll be posting a review + swatch soon! Yummy candies ^_^ Thank you again Sophia!! <3

A few weeks ago, I bought a MAC e/s from Mai and when I saw the package, I was like... That's a heck of a box of a e/s! LOLL! Suprise! She added some "hawaiian" goodies! The macademia nuts were mouth watering and she even sent me Hawaiian coffee!! Didn't tried it out yet but it SMELLS GOOD! Thank you so much Mai!!

And that's it! =] Hope you guys enjoyed x)
Good night!
S<3  (Oh wait.. I can put my whole name now that you guys all know it! =P)


  1. Hey :D
    you just commented on my blog today :D
    thank you so much
    i just wanted to say that i am also in nursing and will be finished in a year. I am also 19 turning 20 in july. So much in common!! haha
    Just wanted to know how to enter this wonderful contest if its not already over.
    thanks so much and nice talking to you!!


  2. Aw, it's so sweet to get a little glimpse of your real life :) Nursing student huh? That's definitely a challenge. A very good friend of mine just became an RN but it took lots of blood, sweat and tears to get it! But all worth it :)

  3. oh your so nice...
    I like to try those....

  4. I'm very anonymous too haha~ I figure it's enough to talk about makeup, no? ;P Maybe do one these intro's one day too! :D

    I'm sure you'd make a lovely nurse. Hooray for higher education! :)

  5. haha im chinese can read chinese too.. i bet soo many chinese ppl like us. lol
    btw are u nurse ? wow its amazing!
    have a lovely summer Saline =)

  6. wonderfull idea you have :)


  7. i love knowing about my other blogo-friends :)

  8. You are so cute Saline. And you are such a working girl/go getter. Great package!

  9. i love love packages.
    She gave you so many good stuff!

  10. Thanks for sharing the info!!

    followme: http://sweetkissmessage.blogspot.com/

  11. Great idea and nice prizes, someone will be very happy :)

    Chelsea White - you and me have a lot in common too. We both started our blogs in April and have 12 followers and we have blonde hair ;)

    Girls I want to invite you all to my blog http://polishmakeupbag.blogspot.com/
    Please use google transaltor, cause it's in polish :)

  12. Hi Seline, thats great you can speak so many languages, i love languages! I speak English(obviously lol), Greek, an ok amount of Spanish & i know a little French :)

    stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  13. hi-ya i'm mixed with 11 different thing including French Irish and Scottish
    stop by my blog if you get a chance ? :)

  14. Hello! I've following you for a while! We actually have a lot in common.. Both Chinese, nursing student and live in Canada! I'm a little older than you though (turning 23 in 3 days!) I hope this contest is still open!

  15. Saline! Hehe of course I want to know more about you! Does everyone in Toronto speak French? It's such a pretty language.. and I like the food :)

    Good luck with the nursing!!

  16. Yaay! I'm glad you like everything! (>_<) You'll for sure get more out of that e/s than I would. lol. :D

  17. Aw that's nice to read more about you. You can speak so many languages!! So not fair hahaha!

  18. holy moly i want to speak chinese and french too! ;)

    nice to know more about you! xx :)

  19. Thanks for sharing =) It's great to know a bit more about you! You sound very hardworking! I hope you rest just as much too ^.^

  20. Oh awesome!
    I'm chinese too but I don't know how to read/write it :/

    And you got some lovely things in the mail! Lucky girl. haha.



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