LittoMokaa's first giveaway winners!!

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce the winners of my giveaway! But first of all, I would like to thank you guys again! Your comments and feedback are really appreciated and very helpful too! Blogging has become one of my hobbie and I must say that I really like it! Because of who? Because of you beautiful ladies of course! Sharing the same interest is so exciting and I've also got to know very nice people!

Okay I'll cut off on the bla bla now and jump to the part where you guys have been all waiting for! I listed all the entries in Excel and used to generate a random number.
Drumroll please...

So the first winner is......
Congrats gorgeous! You've won the first prize! =] You have exactly one week to contact me with your mailing info!

Now, if you've seen my previous post, I decided to add a 2nd prize at the last minute
Drumroll again!!

So the second winner is....
Miss Wiggle!
Yaaay! Congrats ma belle! You've won my second prize! You have exactly one week to contact me with your mailing info!

Thank you all again for participating! I will doing another giveaway when I'll reach 500+ followers!


  1. Congrats to all the winners :D

  2. Oh wow!! I won! xD THANK YOU LOVE!!! :D

  3. wow thank you!! I'll be sending you my information soon.

  4. congrats to the lovely winners! :)

    thanks for the comment on my post hun! LOL on the accent! at least you know how to speak chinese, i dont! so i stick to the places which has english translations and prices to avoid being ripped off especially in restaurants.

  5. mmm sent you an email but not sure if you got it...

  6. congrats on winners!!! oh look close for the win (^_^) #55

    hugs and kisses

  7. Hey Saline! Thanks for joining the giveway :)

  8. yayy congrats to the winners :)

    RYC -- I have tried the naris up nose pack, it works really well imo and I love it :) I've been neglecting it recently though, so I can use the face shop one and compare. I also have the Dr. Brandt pore cleanser and I think it works if it's used first and then followed with a pore strip or extraction tool. you just reminded me that I should go use it tonight. :)


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