Shiseido The Skincare 3 step kit review

It's friday my deaar readers! :) Weekend is coming up and for you guys it means relaxing but for me it means work! lol. I work every single weekend >_<" But I'm starting my new job at the hospital on Monday so I might have one weekend on two off. I'm pretty excited but I know that I'll be super exhausted at the end of the day. I'll probably have two jobs this summer but I'm not sure yet if I'd want to. =/

Okay I don't want to go in details about it let's jump into my review XD If (some of..) you remember, I bought Shiseido's The Skincare line 3 step kit way back in April. Haha I know it's been like 2 months ago but I wanted to finish the previous skincare products that I had before opening new ones. Also, I wanted to use them for a while before making a review so they are more accurate and see the long term results. What it claims:
"This three-step regimen features a cleansing foam, a softener, and a moisturizer, designed to offer your complexion all it needs to easily achieve perfect hydration each day, whether faced with the stress of life or your environment. Driven by more than a century of advances by Shiseido researchers, the collection gives skin the ability to avert dehydration and the resulting signs of aging" (Information from

I've been using the cleanser for a bit more than a month now and I finally finished the 2.7oz tube this morning. I've received a sample of this about a year ago and I remember that it left my skin a bit tight and dry afterward. It was during winter time. However I decided to give it another dry for some reasons hahaha. There was something that kept me coming back to it and it's the rich creamy lather. A quarter size is enough to produce a lot of lather. It comes out as a thick cream and has a light floral scent to it. This time, it didn't left my skin tight and dry as it did before. It left my skin squeaky clean and smooth. I find that it also removes makeup pretty well (avoid the eye area though, it burned my eyes like crazy!) and oil too. I like it for my combo-oily skin in summer but would probably not use it in winter (when my combo skin is on the drier side). 

As for the 3.3oz Hydro-Nourishing softener, I was very excited at first about it but came to the conclusion that it doesn't really do anything to my skin. This is supposed to be a toner, with a liquid/gel type texture & absorbs very quickly, that improves the moisture retention, clarity and radiance of your skin. Honestly, I think this product would be good for winter time but not for summer time. It does improves the moisture retention in some ways but I didn't see any improvements in terms of clarity or radiance. Just shine on my forehead lol. Plus, I don't use toner in my regular skincare routine. Oh and this product has sodium hyalunorate (hyaluronic acid) among its ingredients but it's not one of the first ones. =)

Let's finish with the Day moisture protection SPF 15! I've always wanted a moisturizer with SPF but all of them that I tried left my face shiny as a disco ball and intolerant (redness here and there).The texture of this product is lightweight, spreads on very well and it's slightly tacky. It leaves a dewy finish but it seems like my skin wouldn't absorb it. It just sat there and my t-zone just turned really oily. Ugh. This would fit people with a drier skin. I didn't liked the packaging of this one. It comes in a bottle but doesn't have a pump like the regular sized one.

I won't make a like/dislike section for this review since there's 3 products and I said everything that I had to say in each paragraphs that are destined to the products. 

Rating (for the kit):
Packaging: 4/5 The moisturizer didn't have a pump! You have to shake it off haha
Products: 3.5/5 I only liked the cleanser!
Price: 4.5/5 I think it's around 40$US but I can't remember the Canadian price =/
Scent: 5/5 mild floral scent that eventually fades away
Would I repurchase? Only the cleanser =]

 I hoped that you guys didn't find my post too heavy!
 Have a great weekend!


  1. Yep! I like all of Shiseido's cleansers he he~

  2. Even my shiseido samples don't have a pump, I'm surprised that your full sized one doesn't either =/ But I've heard great things about this kit and I hope you will love it :) The eye cream that I've been using is really great!

    Have a nice workday! Are you a nurse or a doctor at the hospital?! :D You look far too young!!

  3. @Miss Wiggle: Did you tried the White lucent one? :D

    @Rainy Days: The moisturizer isn't really a full size hehe~ I'll check the eye cream when I'll be off my n-buy mode XD And I'm starting my internship as a nurse, not hard working enough to be a doctor LOL!

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  5. Thanks for reviewing the 3 step kit :>
    I was thinking of buying it for my mom for her birthday but I guess I'll opt for a diffrent item.

  6. Thanks for the great review. I was thinking about picking this up but now I can save some money on other skincare.

  7. Just came across your blog. I use the Skin Care line myself. I really like the night cream.


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