Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub Review =]

Hello Beauties! =) I have a big annoucenement: I've added a rule to my giveaway which is that I won't accept blogs that are just made for giveaways. I realized that there's a lot of them and I find it not fair to my other followers who actually reads my blog and my giveaway was for them in the first place. AND I'm currently on a No-buy mode for makeup and skincare products for the whole month of June! So the products that I'll review it's all from previous purchase (I have a lot lol don't worry I won't run short on them =P.)

So today I'll review one Lush's Mint Julips lip scrub. This product already existed in the UK and was launched in the US afterwards & then migrated to Canada (finally haha)! I was so excited because I've been eyeing badly this product since I discovered it.

There's 3 flavor that you can choose from: Bubble Gum, Mint Julip and Sweet Lips (milk chocolate bar). The lady told me that the bubble gum one was the most popular, but not being a big bubble gum flavor fan, I stood away from it lol. I love peppermint flavor so I went for the mint julips one :D It does smell like peppermint but with a twist of chocolate. Love!

It comes in a 0.8oz jar and it's filled to the max! =O =O It's a sugar scrub and I must say that it works pretty well and it's yummy too since you can lick the product away XD You can actually see the grains of sugar and they do a good job at exfoliating my lips. I can't say that all the dead skin is scrubbed away because my top lip is still a bit rough but it leaves the rest very smooth.
After giving my lips a good scrub, I always apply a lip balm afterward to keep my lips hydrated and prevent more chapped skin. Lets take a look at the ingredients!

What I like about this lip scrub:
  • taste yummy and leaves a fresh minty breath =D
  • Last a long time! I bought it a few weeks ago and it's still full to the max! 
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Affordable, bought it for 8$CAN
  • Get rids of most of the dead skin in my lips
What I don't like:
  • I have to use my fingers to scrub
  • You have to use lipbalm after in order to keep your lips smooth
  • can be a bit messy if you put to much. I had some sugar on my chin and the corner of my mouth LOL!
Final Ratings!
Packaging: 4/5 Involves finger dipping!
Quality: 4.5/5 Exfoliate nicely my lip & it's yummy ;D
Price: 5/5 Bought it at Lush for 8$
Scent: 5/5 Love the chocolate peppermint scent!
Would I repurchase? Yuup :)


  1. it's like food u cn eat :P
    probably try it out one day
    thank you for the review x

  2. kool i love LUSH products and i cannot get enough of them! i wonder if it would be messy if u used an old toothbrush to apply it on ur lips? usually use a toothbrush (alone) to exfoliate my lips before wearing lipstick...

  3. I love how that lip scrub looks! It's so natural looking, haha. Peppermint chocolate sounds really delicious! One of my fave flavors is mint chocolate :D

  4. @London's beauty: Yup! haha =P

    @Oreleona: Me too! I jumped into the bandwagon not long ago and I'm loving their product so far! Hmm I don't think it would be that messy if you apply if with a toothbrush but I def.would give it a try :)

  5. @Rainy: Me too my fav. flavor is mint chocolate! Esp. ice cream!! Hmm :D

  6. Thanks for the review.. i've been eying on this product for a while and trying to find someone to do a review on it. I will def. go buy this after reading your review. thanks again!

    ps. i like minty chocolate flavor :) I was thinkin bout gettin the bubblegum one before.

  7. Hmm, sounds good, but does it expire soon? The one thing I dislike about Lush is that everything expires too fast!

  8. friend just got this yesterday, I love the smell!

  9. Thanks for the great review! I've tried the bubblegum and it really smells and tastes like the real bubblegum! :D

  10. great reviews, thank you for these. I am testing out a lip balm at the moment. Is it best to use a lip scrub and them balm or can balms do the job just as well?

  11. ohhh i want to try this!! I have to wait til i go back to UK tho... because japan has hiked lush prices so much!! thanks for the review!

  12. how interesting! too bad singapore doesn't have lush!

  13. I love lip scrubs and usually end up doing them myself. But this would be great to give as a gift.

  14. @Miss Wiggle: Nop! It says it was made on march 25th 2010 and to use by may 25th 2011. More than a year! :D

    @Dina: Really? I thought it would taste just plain sweet. My the smell just repelled me away because it was so strong! =T

    @Luc: If you have a lot of flaky skin, I would go with a scrub and then apply the lip balm. I find that lip balms only soften the dead skin but doesn't get rid of them :)

    @Nic Nic: Whoa that sucks that they hiked to lush prices. =T But some bloggers recommended vaseline + sugar! It works too!

    @Hell notes for beauty: Yup definitely! =)

  15. I have this too! Reminds me, I need to do a review on it :) Sadly, it does not work that well for me :(

  16. Om nom nom I think I would try to eat it :D

  17. Wow okay that is so cheap for a lip scrub! Does it tingle a bit (in a good way) by any chance?


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