Maybelline's diamond glaze eyeshadow + Revlon's Colorstay Ultimate Lipcolor

Hello world =)
Another night at work, dying with the christmas music shuffling again and again! I went to Zellers to wander a little bit and ended up in the cosmetics area (haha i wonder how I got there) and suprisingly they were new stuff! LOL they had maybelline's new eye shadow palette wich is... Maybelline Eye studio diamond glaze and I got one in 20 sapphire siren. It costs around 10,99 CAN. The tester wasn't opened yet and I was really curious about this new stuff, the color seemed very beautiful but I had bad experiences before with maybelline's eyeshadow (poorly pigmented) and on the advertisement it claimed that it was pigmented, smooth application and bla bla bla so it caught my attention :D Soo I was trying to open the tester that was still sealed and after 5mins on managing how to open it without making a mess and make everything fall, I finally swatched it on my hand and woooow it amazed me LOL! It was definitly pigmented! It has a decent staying power and I can't wait to go back home to make a swatch for you guys. I also picked up Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in Prized peach. It seemed a little dark when I swatched it on my hand but the color is perfect on my lips.) Sorry for the bad pictures. I don't have the ideal camera for taking up close pictures ><"


  1. Wow, i was just checking randomly other peoples blog and then i saw yours! ahaha, i was looking for a review for this eyeshadow palette, but didn't want to search in google or youtube... yes im lazy! But.. these eyeshadow don't look really good in the picture.. especially the white one .. :S

  2. Hi Queen_x!
    Yes I know the pictures are kind of blurry! Sorry about that =P. It was one of my first swatches that I've made so I was still exploring with the camera :) Btw, I know my reply is like 3 months late. Sorry!!


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