Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Hi everyone!
So here I am! Back on track :) Exams are finally done! Hurray! I'll finally have time to post things up here and there more often. I'll be working less than 15 hours this week so I'll have plenty of time putting those reviews and babbling up :)

Yesterday was Christmas, so here's a 1 day late Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrates and happy holidays for those who don't. I hope that you guys are getting plenty of rest, having a good time with your family and friends and eating like kings! (eating like kings.. doesn't sound good.. it's better in french.. Manger comme des rois!) As for me, I spent the 24th at my cousin's house on my dad's side celebrating with the familia. It's kind of weird because each year, it looks like there's getting less and less people.. People are growing up, they have their own families and it's not those big christmas party with the whole whole whole family anymore. (Yes I have a BIG family) But still, it was some happy moments there.

On the 25th, I went to my niece aunt's house and I ate like a mad chick there. I was getting a little bored because there were no GIRLS of my age there so I spent my night watching people.. gambling.. until.. 1am.. ugh. Buuut they had good food hahah :)

Today Boxing day! Went to Galerie St-Bruno with my cousin and my nieces to shop. Gosh so much people! Went to Sephora to see if there was any cool sales going on but I was kind of disappointed...

Anyways, hope you guys have a happy holiday and a lot of rest!


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