tuesday night, working in a F&P

I'm at work right now, finishing in 30mins. Been working since 12! I spent my whole afternoon cleaning and reorganizing the backstore and now it's spic and span =D Quiet day, not much customers. I've got my evaluation today from my stage teacher and I passed! YAY! I was so happy, I don't know, I was sure I was going to fail or something because of my other stage teacher but I ended up passing very well :D So next semester is obstetric & pediatric! I'm soooo tired right now ugh. Omg I was those super emu winter boots on sale at Browns Outlet but I forgot my credit card at home (well.. I left it on purpose so I CAN'T spend a penny). I'm glad I left it home hehe becauseee I saw them online for only 100$ and they retail for 130$ in the outlet o_O? I'll be waiting for my paycheck before getting anything LOL. Gaah I want to go homee! Tomorrow i'll be doing intense studying with a friend in nursing so I need plenty of rest before attacking the monster! Maybe i'll make a new review tonight but we'll see how it goes.



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