Aveeno eczema skincare lotion and Bliss's Lemon + Sage body butter reviews

Since I was a kid, I have those really bad eczema on my legs during winter. It would itch like crazy and it would leave those scars. The doctor gave me those cream to put on but it wouldn't heal. My skin was drier than the Sahara desert and I was really desperate haha. I hydrated my skin with the regular body lotions such as Vaseline, Keri, Fruits & Passion body butter but after a few minutes, my skin was dry again until I received a sample of Bliss lemon+sage body butter maximum moisture cream. It leaves my skin so smooth and velvety without being greasy and my skin stayed moisturized until the next day. So I decided to go for the full size.

Bliss Lemon+Sage body butter 36$CAD for 250mL @Sephora.
When I saw the price of it, I went like "Omg i'm not paying THAT much for a moisturizer!" Damn it! I was debating on getting it or not. Seeing how it left my skin, I went for it for the sake of my drier-than-Sahara-Desert skin. Plus, I could return it or exchange it since Sephora has such a good return/exchange policy :) The smell of it isn't too attractive but it's subtle enough. The texture is slightly thicker than regular body lotion but light enough to spread it easily. It might be greasy at first but it absorbs very well so the greasy feeling disappears after a while. It's been 8months that I have it and a still have 1/3 of the bottle to go. A little bit goes a long way. I would totally repurchase after I've empty it. I have sensitive skin and it didn't made me itchy. Yay! :D

Aveeno Eczema Skincare Moisturizing Cream approx. 7,99$CAD
for 166mL in drugstore or department stores. Okay so here's the thing; anything that has "eczema" on it catches my attention so I couldn't ignore this one. It states "Eczema Skincare Moisturizing Cream with soothing oat essence & ceramides Daily relief for itchy, red, extra dry skin steroid-free & fragrance free" I went like "oooooooo niceee" and bought it right away! Haha. I wasn't expecting much from it but seriously, I was surprised. I used it right away after I came out of the shower since this is when my skin get the itchiest (does this word exist?) and it immediately calmed my skin. The texture is super light, absorbs really fast and no greasy feeling or film left on the skin. However, I feel that when its being used alone, it's not moisturizing enough.

What I do is that I combine these 2 together. After the shower, I put on Aveeno first. I wait a few hours and before going to bed, I put Bliss's body butter. My skin is well moisturized at night and now I don't have problems with my skin anymore! Hurrray! :)


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