DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Crème-Gel Makeup SPF 20 review

Hello everyoneeee! Merry Christmas :)
I hope that you guys had a great time with your family & loved ones ^_^ It was also boxing day today! What did you guys get? I didn't got the chance to shop since I was working and it's my first boxing day working in a clothing store so it was craaaaazzy! Everyone was exhausted at the end of the shift & happy to go home haha =P

Anyways today I'll be reviewing DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Crème-Gel Makeup SPF 20 in shade 020, the new foundation that came out not long ago. I bought it with my VIB 20% off coupon (or the 20$ off 40$ purchase.. I don't remember). I'm always in search of my HG foundation so I gave this a try, plus it's a gel-cream! Doesn't it sound interesting? =P

What it claims:
"Diorskin Nude Creme Gel Compact combines a cream gel texture and the satiny perfection of a powder. Its secret? A microscopic network of soft waxes and mineral powders. Upon application, the gel melts into the skin and turns into an invisible powder that instantly and effortlessly glides across the skin for an ultra-natural satin finish. A new technological process allows the texture to retain Active Mineralized Water droplets that are ten times more concentrated in skincare active ingredients*. Skin becomes velvety, radiant and translucent. Day after day, the skin looks more beautiful, even without makeup. Included is a double-sided applicator that makes application easy: the velvet side allows for gentle application and a luminous finish, while the sponge side blends and flawlessly evens the skin tone.
* Comparison basis: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup
" (Source: Dior.com)

(Shade 020)

What I think about it? I have mixed feelings! As always, the packaging of Dior products are gorgeous. It comes with a velvet pouch just like the eyeshadows palatte, but I found it a bit bulky. Everything is made out of plastic so don't get fooled ;). When it opens up, you have the mirror, the sponge holder in the middle and the product in the bottom. It's very easy to open and the sponge had 2 sides; one actual "spongy" side and the other a "velvety" side (I forgot to take a picture) . The first side is supposed to be use to blend your foundation in for a evening out your skintone and the other side is supposed to be used for sheerer coverage.
The product itself made me go "whoaaaaaaaaa" the first time I tested it in Sephora but made me go "uuuuhmm...." when I applied it entirely on my face. I must warn you guys, it's very perfumed so beware sensitive noses! It's indeed a very special formula, it didn't felt exactly like a cream when I swatched it, but not as light as a gel either, I guess it's really a combo of both!
  It might look very pigmented on my swatch here but let me tell you it's a very different story when you apply it! It does melt in contact of your skin to become a soft powder and turns invisible.. for real. It blends very well into my skin, but to a point of I don't even know which spot has foundation or not! It also gives a sheer coverage and it does a nice job at evening out you skintone. It's not very very buildable, but you still can manage you cover a little more if you start to apply a lot of product, but then, you better get something more pigmented. It's good for someone who has minor imperfections such as redness around the nose and stuff like that, but if you're searching for something that gives a medium to full coverage, skip it. Honestly, I find that it did a very good job on me, since I have almost nothing to cover up, but I still ended up returning it to Sephora for two reasons :
  • Uno: It emphasizes my dry skin. You know, sometimes you have some tiny dry flakes on your forehead or around your nose that you didn't even noticed.. I don't want to exfoliate each time prior using. I only exfoliate at night and I never know when I will wearing foundation. 
  • Dos: The only way I found to use this product effectively is using a sponge.. Which I hate! I think that using sponge causes too much waste AND I don't like using the actual sponge they give because then when I open my case, I find that is dirty and I will be disgusted. I tried it with my stippling brush & foundation brush but it seems that it doesn't pick up the product >_<"
For the skin benefits side, I can't tell because I used it once or twice only and it's not long enough to test out if it has skin benefits or not. I'm still debating if I should buy it again or not because I really liked the formula but the fact that I can only use it with a sponge (or fingers) annoys me. I think that I'm more a "powder foundation" person, since it's much more easier & faster to use. However, I really like the finish of liquid & cream foundations. Boooo :(

What I like <3 :
- Nice packaging
- The formula (has SPF)
- Nice smell (maybe too much for some people)

What I don't like : 
- Emphasizes dry flaky skin
- Can't use brush to apply product =(
- Bulky packaging
Packaging: 4/5 Too bulky for me
Quality: 4.2/5 Love the texture but a few downside
Price: 48$USD (54$ CAD i think)
Scent: 4.5/5 Classic Dior floral smell, may be too much for some people
Would I repurchase? Still debating but I don't think so. $$$

I hope this review was helpful!
Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!


  1. Great review♥ I don't know if I'll purchase it but the packaging is gorgeous! I've never tried anything from Dior :P


  2. the name of it sounds so nice and promixing! too bad it didn't work out for you, i hate it when a foundation that is suppose to help even out skin and hide imperfections emphasizes them in contrast. the packaging looks so sturdy and pretty too!

    haha i participated in a boxing day shopping day in New Zealand with my aunt, it was craaaazay!

  3. Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

  4. the packaging seems nice and sturdy. and the mirror looks huge. love

    and happy holidays hun!

  5. thanks for the review! i think i should avoid it since im susceptible to dry skin the winters. happy holidays!

  6. Hiii Nice blog you have here :D I love the layout!~

    I hate concealers/foundations/creams that emphasizes flaky dry skin too :( I have super dry skin under my eyes (and eye wrinkles) and each time I put on concealer it stands out - like it comes out lighter and very grainy (if that makes sense). It's actually quite hard to blend in :(
    But what I'm curious is "you can return make up you've tried?", never knew you could :/

  7. @Candy apple: Thank you dear! :D I'm currently obsessed by Dior but it's not a good thing =p It makes too much damage to my wallet >_<

    @Lulu: Whoaa New Zealand!! That's on the other side of the globe =p

    @Kristina: If you like too! Happy New Year to you too! =)

    @Fruity Lashes: Yes the mirror is hugee! Happy holidays to you too! <3

    @Nic nic: My pleasure! =D

    @Joeyy: Ty hun! Welcome on my blog :) Sephora is the only place I know where you can return "used" makeup. They have the best return policy, IMO. If you go to their counter, you must have a very valid reason to return it or exchange it like super huge allergy reaction. ;)

  8. Thanks for the review! The packaging does look really beautiful but too bad it's not as good as it sounds.
    Merry Belated Christmas!

  9. Nice review! Hm I figured it would be troublesome to find a brush to use with it since it looks very dense. Guess I'll try applying with the sponge as I originally intended. Good thing I don't have dry skin!

    Thanks for the review and Happy New Year! =D

  10. Boo to it emphasizing dry flaky skin! Thanks for the review and for following my blog. =D


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