Hi people! :D
I just wanted to share some ideas with you guys. I've been thinking about making a auction sale on my blog going on for a few days because I really need to clear up my products. So basically, I'll put the items on my blog sale and the starting price will be around 5$ - 10$, depending on the product. However, I will ask the buyer to pay for shipping, a flate rate of 7$.

What do you guys think? Would you participate if there's a item that interest you and for how long would you keep it going on?

Thank you in advancee!!
&& Good luck to those who are in school, finals are heree!!


  1. I'd definitely be interested if the items were good and the prices are even better. : ) I have my own blog sale going on, so check it out if you need some ideas too. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. reply: je crois que la plupart du monde sont en haut. je trouvais ca bizzare qu'il y peu de personne en bas


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